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Daily Archives: June 14, 2013

Kingdom S2 01



Okay, this is all done. Episode 1 of the new season of Kingdom. It’s awesome, check it out.
Getting this episode took a while for a few reasons:
1. We had to translate the OP/ED in addition to the episode.
2. The OP/ED, credits, and other things had to be styled, karaoke-timed, etc.
3. We got the raws a day late because the show is new so our raw provider didn’t know to cap it so we had to find a different raw source than normal.
4. The show in general takes a lot of time and effort to translate and check.
5. I still had to do Toriko, other projects I have, and all my other life obligations, including a full-time job, in addition to translating this and making sure all the first-episode jobs and regular jobs get done.
6. We do this for free, putting considerable effort for basically nothing in return for the sake of fans so they can enjoy the series. So this is a hobby, we can’t make it the top priority in our lives to get everything done in a few hours or whatever. We only have one person per job and no substitutes for anything, so the process has to be done with consideration to everyone’s schedules/time zones.
7. Lots of signs.

Anyhow, it’s totally awesome. I hope you all enjoy it. Basing on what’s in this episode, they’re back-tracking to get some of the stuff from the manga that was skipped in the first season animated. Not the assassin arc probably because that’s kind of impossible at this point, given that half of it is Qiang Lei’s backstory. But stuff like Zi Xia is in the Ending indicates they’ll do Zheng’s flashback arc. Anyhow, the next episode shouldn’t take so long. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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