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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Toriko 123

Toriko 123 480p

Toriko 123 720p h264

Toriko 123 720p hi10p

In a side note, in a few episodes (maybe at 125) we are looking to discontinue the Toriko 720 h264 8bit release, and you will be left with the 480p 8bit release and the 720p 10 bit release.

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Kingdom S2 17

Kingdom S2 17 480p

Kingdom S2 17 720p Hi10p

Late into the evening for me, but here’s the next episode of Kingdom. The battle starts next episode 🙂

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Toriko 121

Toriko 121 480p

Toriko 121 720p h264

Toriko 121 720p hi10p

So, apparently we went straight from “120 episodes with next to no blood” to “every character is drenched in blood the whole episode”.

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Kingdom S2 14

Kingdom S2 14 480p

Kingdom S2 14 720p Hi10p

New ending this week, and the war is heating up!

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Toriko 119

Toriko 119 480p

Toriko 119 720p h264

Toriko 119 720p hi10p

Apparently next time, after 120 episodes, there’s blood on this show?!

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