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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Toriko 125

Toriko 125 480p

Toriko 125 720p hi10p

The 8bit 720p version of Toriko has been discontinued. If you are having playback issues, we’d be glad to help you on IRC:

The easiest fix would be to update or insall the latest version of CCCP.

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Toriko 124

Toriko 124 480p

Toriko 124 720p h264

Toriko 124 720p hi10p

In a side note, next episode we are going to discontinue the Toriko 720 h264 8bit release, and you will be left with the 480p 8bit release and the 720p 10 bit release. If you have playback issues, feel free to join us on IRC and we’ll troubleshoot your problems.

On another side note, new ending this week. It’s about time.

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Kingdom S2 18

Kingdom S2 18 480p

Kingdom S2 18 720p Hi10p

Time to sleep, here’s your weekly installment.

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