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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Kingdom S2 30

Kingdom S2 30 480p

Kingdom S2 30 720p Hi10p

Amazing episode this week, it delivers!
9 episodes to go! Reminder that there is no Toriko this week.

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Toriko 135

Toriko 135 480p

Toriko 135 720p Hi10p

Toriko isn’t airing next week, just a heads up. Kingdom is though, yeah!

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Kingdom S2 29

Kingdom S2 29 480p

Kingdom S2 29 720p Hi10p

What a great episode this week, enjoy!
10 episodes to go!

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Toriko 134

Toriko 134 480p

Toriko 134 720p Hi10p

We’re not doing animated attack effects anymore because of time constraints and difficulty finding staff for it.

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Toriko 132

Toriko 132 480p

Toriko 132 720p Hi10p

Hey, everybody’s been really busy. Lot of hectic stuff going on in life. I’ve been getting really little sleep and am very exhausted. Hopefully that stuff gets better soon. Anyways, enjoy this everybody.

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