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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Toriko 147

Toriko 147 480p

Toriko 147 720p Hi10p

Okay, and so, we have the end of the Human World Arc. A few plot points kind of veer into where the manga was at the end of the Human World Arc there. And the story’s definitely not over. So perhaps there will be an anime adaptation of the Gourmet World arc at some point in the future (Maybe after the Boo Saga of Dragonball Kai ends. We don’t know really, though. It’ll depend on how well the Toriko’s manga and its products sell and that sort of thing). If so, we’d cerainly like to sub it, but we don’t know if/when that’ll be and we don’t know what’ll be going on in our lives at that point in time. Right now, I’m gonna enjoy not having a single show I have to sub on the weekends for a bit. Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed the series thus far. I really liked it despite the minor changes from the manga. Also check out the manga because it’s amazing and I work on that, too.

Also we’ll be working on getting the Toriko movie done in the coming weeks. So look forward to that. I haven’t really had much time to work on it thus far, and movies are the length of several episodes so please be patient with us.

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