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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Toriko Movie 2 Bishokushin no Special Menu

Toriko Movie 2 480p

Toriko Movie 2 720p Hi10p

Toriko Movie 2 1080p Hi10p

Ok, we’re all done. And so, we’ve finished all of Toriko. I think this movie’s pretty fun, hope you enjoy. This took a while because, like I said, it’s really long. That generally means the difficulty goes up exponentially, and we’re not a big group with tons of people to fill in and do every job all the time. A lot of the time we’re constantly short on staff and have to wait for people to be available. But anyhow, it’s all done.

For now, I’ve got a whole bunch of manga and things like that I wanna work on that I couldn’t do while doing 4 weekly projects (The two anime on this site plus the two manga on as I was doing over the course of the Kingdom anime running which I’m working on catching up with. As for Anime-Destiny we’re probably not gonna be doing much for the next few months at least as I catch up on those and get other stuff in my real life in order. We’ll see if Toriko or Kingdom get another season, and hopefully we can do those. I’m kind of at the point in my life where translating anime on a weekly basis as well as managing a fansub may take up too much of my time and put too much stress on me to continue anymore, but I’ll see where I am once I get some of those back projects done. And maybe we can try to pick up something else at that point (Just realize we’re not gonna do any projects that have official subs already except ones we’ve already started). For now, go read the Kingdom manga and Toriko manga, they’re awesome. See you guys later.

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