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We still really need a dedicated timer and another QCer for this show, and it’s been taking a long time to get to the release stage because we still haven’t gotten any volunteers. Other staff are trying to help out, but a dedicated timer and another QCer for this would make it a lot smoother. Please apply if you’re able to do one of the jobs. or PM me (kewl0210) in the IRC channel.

Thanks, enjoy.

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  1. Yume June 25, 2012


  2. Thor June 22, 2012

    Thanks for the release, But you guys need to get a qcer the character names wrong in the script. The long haired guys name is shou and the chicken kids name is not he laio daio. This is for the 848×480 version.

  3. Lazy ass MF June 21, 2012

    Again if it aint too much to ask can you guys put that link up to your channel on the XDCC page?


    • Kewl0210 June 22, 2012

      Well, it’s in the FAQ and it’s in a bunch of the other places.

      • Annoying Lazy ass MF June 22, 2012

        Ok but the thing is it was there before and personally, I’d rather just click the link on the XDCC packlist page as it is more convenient (for me) that way.

        -Go on Packlist page
        -Click on channel link
        -Get releases

        No clue why it’s no longer there and even more puzzling how (it seems) you have no intention to restore it.

        Either way I’ll continue to appreciate your releases whether or not you concede on the matter. And to be frank it really is no big deal anyhows.


        • Kewl0210 June 22, 2012

          Ok, I think I found what you mean. I really don’t think it was like that before, though. We didn’t change any options when we moved servers. I found the option in one of the php files, though it doesn’t state that’s what it does explicitly. Anyhow, it’s there now.

          • prefix- June 24, 2012

            I think what he ment was before there was a button called XDCC at the top menu, and it took you straight to the xdcc pack page, it is almost like it was though, just hold your mouse over the Downloads button and a drop down menu will appear, move down to XDCC and click it, and it will bring you to the same page 🙂


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