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Kingdom 480p:

Kingdom 720p hi10p:

K, this is all done. I had to make up a new style for “flashbacks within flashbacks” for this one.
We’re uh… like somewhere in the middle of volume 16. Like I said, the series is setting up to end at the end of volume 16 or maybe the very beginning of volume 17. We’ve got 2 episodes left after this one. Enjoy.

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  1. bEK February 20, 2013

    when the next epizode release

  2. dark February 14, 2013

    thanks btw does any1 knows where to read the volumes of this anime? the story in the anime is interesting enough but the desire to go in depth in this anime is there thanks for the future response and information

  3. Big_Boss_90 February 14, 2013

    Thank you!

  4. xoxo February 14, 2013

    Thanks was waiting for this

  5. mattch February 14, 2013

    Thanks bros!


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