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Kingdom S2 09 480p

Kingdom S2 09 720p Hi10p

Does Zheng and the gang escape to the State of Qin? Find out in this weeks episode of Kingdom S2.

In other news, Toriko 116 did not air this week, and will air next week. For those looking for their fix, it’s unfortunate news, it even took us by surprise.

Toriko Movie 2: Gekijouban Toriko: Bishokushin no Special Menu just came out in theaters, so we’ll try to sub it whenever it comes out on BD.

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  1. troll August 11, 2013

    kingdom 10 is out like since 10 years and still not sub, i do appreciat the subbing, but really why sub 48 hours later….

    • senadtm87 August 12, 2013

      The job isnt done by one person and you need time to get all things together, plus they work on other projects and they have their personal life so 48 hours is great time

  2. HeadsUpMyAss August 6, 2013

    I just wanted to give y’all a heads up that toriko 115 still hasn’t got an xdcc link according to the packlist page of your website. Or is it that the xdcc links for toriko are being discontinued or something?

  3. Chaossaturn August 5, 2013

    You guys should use the time to subsoft “[A-Destiny] Toriko – OVA [762F6DEC].mp4” now that would be amazing, then all of toriko would be mostly subsoft (intro/ending = hardsub).

  4. Nooo, for Torikooooooooooo…

    Don’t get pumped up. The movie will be released in several months from now 😛

  5. Big_Boss_90 August 5, 2013

    Thank you!

  6. Crotoss August 4, 2013

    Episodes vary in size due to the bit rate. The file-size will pretty much vary based on the amount of action in the episode. Today, encoders no longer change the bit rate per episode, to maintain a consistent size. This gives a much more consistent quality encode.

  7. Maysara August 4, 2013

    Why is it too large this time?
    Even though I thank u for it.

  8. town stoner August 4, 2013

    The news of no Toriko is only comforted by the potential movie sub. Thanks A-Destiny, even though no episode.


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