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Kingdom S2 31 480p

Kingdom S2 31 720p Hi10p

By a freak accident, here’s Kingdom a day early. The conclusion to the battle is near, 8 episodes to go until the end of season 2.

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  1. strik3agle January 26, 2014

    Woot!! Thanks for the release!! 😀 Btw, in need seeder for Kingdom S1 ep 8… Anyone mind helping pls? Thanks..

  2. Powerfool19 January 8, 2014

    Thanks anime destiny for subbing and uploading this Kingdom anime, I love it!

  3. VISION-KING January 5, 2014

    Wow, what a scene.

    And much of it is different from the magna. Where Meng Ao lost his left hand & elbow, but I guess they changed it for a different purpose for the anime. Makes one think, is the arm broken temporally, or will it dangle in the future? So many questions we like to know?

    Oh well, I wonder if next episode will star the victory for Qin or not yet? Some scenes are new and differently place then from the manga. With 8 more to go, what can happen?

    Keep up good work, and good luck on the next Toriko episode. Look forward to it too.

    • Davi January 9, 2014

      Please next time, put some alert before spoilers.

  4. Matthew January 5, 2014

    Thank you so much for subbing this series! Please don’t stop doing it! 🙂

  5. mimi January 5, 2014

    wow, what happend thanks….. whata gift 😀

  6. Name January 5, 2014

    wow epic !!!

  7. Shiro-Yin January 5, 2014

    Thank you so much. Looking forward to more freak accidents ♥

  8. Arw January 5, 2014

    I would rather expect spanish inquisition than this one ;D. You guys are great, gotta love you!

  9. yay January 5, 2014

    THANK YOu guys so much 🙂 yay time 2 watch hehe

  10. Oreo January 5, 2014

    Awesome!!! THANKS! :DDDD


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