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Kingdom S2 32 480p

Kingdom S2 32 720p Hi10p

Best episode so far, hands down. 7 episodes to go until the end of season 2.

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  1. Synol February 20, 2014

    This episode and episode 33 aren’t tagged as Kingdom or something because when you click Kingdom on the front page 32 and 33 are not in there.

  2. Sam Chaginy January 15, 2014

    The Manga chapter was still better than the anime episode, for example during that moment when Shin motivated himself by saying I need to feel how it is to fight Renpa, I’ve been feeling the hands of Wang Qi and Lin Hu (Ouki and Rinko) pushing me forward, you actually see them appear behind Shin and holding their hands against his back, alot of these small details are skipepd in the manga, that’s why I started to read the manga and it is the best manga i’ve ever read! The anime can’t compare to the manga, the only thing I liked about the anime is solely the music and the voices.

  3. Victory January 13, 2014

    What a stunning episode !

  4. VISION-KING January 13, 2014

    Boy, what an episode.

    And still only seven more to go? I think somewhere along the lines, they may put in some filler stuff, like they did in that episode of the arm-wrestling thing. That scene was a bonus addition from the manga, so I guess they put it in to stretch it out a bit.

    Maybe what they’ll do is put in fillers like, Kyou Jai’s little leave & meeting some young members of her clan or something like that? Or where Xin meets the girl that Xeng has become familiar with (since they did skip about the assassin story, Xin hasn’t meant the palace maid yet?)

    So many possibilities that may happen? The next episodes will probably play off from chapter 240? No telling how much can be done? Xin promoted to 1000 general after he achieved a big rank? And what about when they earn a new strategist?

    Oh well, just have to wait & see. Till then, good luck!

  5. Arw January 13, 2014

    This picture almost made me crazy, waiting to see new episode. And even that description… This is not good for my health. I thought 30 ep was ma favourite, but you’re right – that was simply a-ma-zing!

  6. TR January 12, 2014

    ooooh was waiting on this (more like checking each half hour XD)

    rly couldnt wait to watch it since war is at such important part

    will probably finally get so see Shin talking or whatever to…. that enemy general (no idea how to write his name)
    well the way this episodes picture looks like….. it wont be just talking lol


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