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Oookay. So here we are, big episode 100. This episode has a new animation for the OP, since the last one was specifically for the collab. And a new ED.
And in addition to that, I have an announcement I need to make. We’ve been working on this series for a really long time now, over 2 years. And since then a lotta staff has come and gone. People’s schedules change and people gain and lose interest. Right now, we’re seriously in need of more staff to continue working on this project. As it stands I’m having to translate, time, typeset, mux, and release almost every episode. In addition to managing it and making sure all the jobs get done. And that takes something like 8 hours a week just for this one project. Like half the time someone else times it, and usually those episodes are ones that take until Tuesday. Even though we have 3 timers none of them can really actively work on this project. Typesetting doesn’t take that long because it’s mostly just a couple of static signs and the attack effects, and one person does the OP/ED effects and Zebra’s attacks (Which they seem to change every time and I have no idea why). Also we used to have 4 QC/editors and right now we only have two. It’s a huge amount of work very few people are handling, and I’m working a full time job now and it’s no longer reasonable for me to be doing that many things for this one project. It takes up too much time all on late Saturday/Sunday/Monday and it basically occupies all my free time on those days, and having to deal with some jobs maybe or maybe not being done by someone else and then doing them myself at 1-3AM when they’re not more than half the time isn’t really something I can do anymore. And that’s about 48 weeks out of the year. We’re seriously in need of dedicated people to do some of these jobs. That’s what I’m saying. If we can’t get them soon, we’re going to have to drop this project, because I just can’t keep this up. The same goes for Kingdom, I definitely can’t be doing 3 jobs on that when it starts again in June, either. So if you’re able to do the job, and you’re serious about doing it every week, you can PM me on the IRC channel on the rizon network or you can email me at Thanks a lot.

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  1. Zonge April 22, 2013

    Btw, there’s a slight typo in the opening translation. You put “now let (without ‘s) show ’em” for “saa miseteyarou”.

  2. Narutofreak1412 April 20, 2013

    Plsease release a batch torrent 051-100, like you did with 01-50 ^^

    • lane April 21, 2013

      I agree with this idea. Kindly make a batch. Since the other single torrent doesn’t have any seeders and its easier to download it this way especially when you’re starting from episode 51.

      Thank You.

  3. DNES April 17, 2013

    I know how time consuming fansubbing can be and I really appreciate everything you’ve done so far. If you have to drop it to live your life then no one is stopping you, don’t feel obligated to keep doing so, you’ve already done so much. I wish you luck in finding help and in your life. Thank you!!

  4. Neros April 17, 2013

    I’ll send out a tweet to help get the word out since no one else is subbing this and as far as I know there isn’t a simulcast of it either so if you drop it only those that know Japanese would be able to watch it. How long till you drop it if no help comes? Hope that day shall never come.

  5. Angel April 17, 2013

    I never really said thanks for all the time you guys put into doing this. As someone who works on a few projects I know it can be time consuming. But thank you for making it this far, and helping everyone who enjoys Toriko to be able to watch it weekly.

  6. T April 17, 2013


  7. Christie April 17, 2013

    I don’t have the skills to help, other than some basic encoding skills– and I’m not even sure where or how to learn them 🙁

    But I’d help in a heartbeat if i could, and will join everyone else in wishing you the best and hoping you can find new members soon!

    • kewl0210 April 17, 2013

      Search for “timing tutorial Aegisub” on google. It’s not that hard a job. Especially with the modern tools Aegisub has.

  8. tobi April 17, 2013

    there is no other fansub doing toriko if u guys drop it then it will be end of toriko….hope anybody with a skill can help them…

  9. Makerannee! Tomaranne!!

    Thank you!

    Hope everything is okay for the group, it’s been a while journey! Toriko is the best new anime!

  10. -.- April 16, 2013

    480 and 20 links need to be swapped

  11. macxxx007 April 16, 2013

    Woof… fansubbing can be time consuming… sorry you’re having issues… HOPE YOU CAN FIND SOME DEPENDABLE PEOPLE SOON!


    Take care and good luck!

  12. Jinbei~Boy April 16, 2013

    drop ? nooooo
    hope you find the new staff for this project kewl
    and thanks for your 100 hardworks, I’ve been following kingdom and this show from eps 1 until now. and i can’t find another “rippa-na” fansub other than AD, seriously


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