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The power. The power of the spoon.
We could still seriously use a dedicated typesetter and any more experienced editors/QCers. Thanks everyone for supporting us so far.

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  1. mdsz May 17, 2013

    Muchas gracias !!!!!!! *-*

  2. Brentboy May 14, 2013

    What does a QCer/editor do?

    • Kewl0210 May 19, 2013

      Checks for errors and corrects them. A main editor would also do a lot more work like revamp the style of the script and do heavy editing, or check through other people’s edits. That sort of thing.

  3. Big_Boss_90 May 14, 2013

    Thank you!

  4. milek May 14, 2013

    thank you for toriko . i hope you will find people soon.

  5. macxxx007 May 13, 2013

    Thank YOU all for bringing us this series… You guys do such a great job… I hope you’ll find some people soon!


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