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Okay, here ya go. We’re still looking for experienced people to help with typesetting and QC.

So Kingdom season 2 starts this Saturday. We’ll be working on that.

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  1. mdsz June 19, 2013

    *-* al fin!!!! Muchas gracias wapos!!!!!!!! xD

  2. gigix June 10, 2013

    very late episode, next time please sub faster

    • Zaelkrie June 10, 2013

      Don’t be an ass you lucky they sub things at all what’s with the attitude? Have you ever tried subbing anything I did an OVA for Air Gear once and it’s a lot of work be grateful or if you can’t wait get a raw and do it yourself.

    • Senadtm87 June 10, 2013

      Avarage time of subbing should be Wednesday night, thursday morrning, but they do it sometimes faster. They don’t subb only this anime, there’s mangas too. Any answer for this ost notice?

  3. Senadtm87 June 8, 2013

    @kewl0210 I don’t know japanese but by sound it seems that text on top of ost has mistakes.
    Like saa miseteyaruo it sounds miseteyaru wo
    umai mon wa sounds like umai mongu wa
    makerannee ,tomarannee sounds like makeranndee, tomarannbee

    it may be stupid to think that you made mistake at that because you have text on bottom of page but i don’t know does japanese use letters like we do.

    Anyway, great work thanks.(to all team)

    • Kewl0210 June 10, 2013

      Don’t worry. The Japanese lyrics are all on the screen so we’re sure of it.

  4. Torinoko June 8, 2013

    Thanks from Germany =)

  5. milek June 5, 2013

    thank you very much for toriko.

  6. Ow man… I can’t w8 for the next episode! Keep bringing those raping faces and crazy fights Shima!!!

  7. Joe June 4, 2013

    kewl u r the man ty

  8. Big_Boss_90 June 4, 2013

    Thank you!

  9. macxxx007 June 3, 2013




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