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Ok, this is all done. Sorry it’s a little late. We hit a couple snags we’ve been working out. Once all the new staff members have finished a few episodes I’d expect things to go more smoothly. Once we’ve gotten used to a singular pace.

Speaking of which, if there’s anyone with fansubbing experience as an editor that’s willing to set aside time to work on this show on a weekly basis, we’re looking to recruit one more. Both to speed up the process by having more help in that area and to try to help improve the quality of the subs overall. You can PM me in the IRC channel or email me at

Anyhow, enjoy.

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  1. zull July 2, 2011

    Hey, kewl, you’ve got my support…for whatever that’s worth, I guess. I never could figure out why you got Bleach fans to joint with you, but well…they were probably willing and available, I guess. I have to literally drink a fifth before I watch Bleach, and I really don’t know why I keep doing so. I think it’s to give me an excuse to drink. I’ve got some issues with how Toei adapted Toriko from the manga (we get news girl, but no poop jokes?), but it’s still a hell of a lot more watchable than another episode of Bleach filler written by Tomokazu Sugita. And yet, so much of the Toriko VA cast are Bleach VAs. At least they’re all good ones. If you’ve got to take a couple extra days to release, please do so. Quality subbing makes the show much easier on the eyes.

  2. KoolKidsK June 30, 2011

    Most of them do, at least.

  3. mele-chan June 30, 2011

    Obviously the mistakes don’t get fixed in qc. I have seen the release.

  4. KoolKidsK June 30, 2011

    Derp, that is why we have QCers. 😀
    If I make a mistake, it gets fixed in QC.

    • KoolKidsK June 30, 2011

      That is also what happens when I try to type a sentence at almost 2:00 AM. xD

      • KoolKidsK June 30, 2011

        when it’s almost, not at almost*
        Haha it’s getting late, I should probably get to bed. xD

  5. InYourFace June 29, 2011

    anon wrote “We don’t look for errors, literate people see them when watching and point it out because its [it’s] a fucking mind fuck to read/watch.
    No one is bashing, just nice criticism.
    They can do a better job.
    Comments like “Oh why don’t you go sub it yourself” are retarded as fuck because why waste our time when we can watch some crappy subs and make fun of it instead.
    You should label this as [HorridSubs] until you guys translate better.”

    Funny how this ‘critic’, got [it’s] wrong…enough said idiot.

  6. apemiele June 29, 2011

    You can use an ip fake program that will assign a new ip through a server in a different country (for instance, it’ll give you a US ip address to watch funi, a british one for bbc america, etc) – a good one is easy-hide-ip, or go through a vpn on a server in the USA.

  7. Xblade June 29, 2011

    Do you know any group who rips the Funimation stream for Toriko, because I can’t acces any website related to Funimation (it says it’s not available in my country) and using a proxy doesn’t even load the website properly. I’m asking this since it takes too long untill A-Destiny subs the show.

  8. apemiele June 29, 2011

    I never thought I’d say this, loliwhacker, but I will be watching the funi stream from now on. They’re not only faster, but the quality is (dare I say it?) better. Thanks for making me a funi-believer.

  9. manzanita June 29, 2011

    1. KoolKidsK IS the editor, Derp. 😀

    2. FZero hasn’t tl’ed an ep of Beelzebub in WEEKS just so you know. He must be “busy” with something else. Wonder what that might be……….??????

  10. Anonymous June 28, 2011

    the colors were terrible in this episode, also it looks like the contrast is too high or something… did you use a different raw? or the encoding is bad? last week was still fine!

  11. Someone June 28, 2011

    Hey guys, thanks for the sub of this great show. Would it be possible for you to add a widget to the right-hand side of the site with the status of the upcoming episodes?

  12. KoolKidsK June 28, 2011

    Derp, did you not read what you quoted right? I said BACKUP typesetter. He is not going to be typesetting all the time. He is busy with subbing other shows most of the time. He is busy translating Beelzebub on Sundays, which is one of the two days where we try to get all our staff on at the same time to sub the show. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, just letting you know that you must of read what I said wrong.

    • Derp June 28, 2011

      lrn2sentencestructure. I hope you’re not the editor. You also said in that same post, “she asked our backup typesetter to typeset for her this week(episode 12) and next(episode 13)” as in he will be typesetting the next episode. So herp, no I didn’t read it incorrectly. Also, Pro Tip: It’s “must have” not “must of”.

  13. loliwhacker June 27, 2011

    Too much crying in here.

    If you guys hate these subs, you can always watch the Funimation subs.

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but thanks!

  14. anon June 27, 2011

    We don’t look for errors, literate people see them when watching and point it out because its a fucking mind fuck to read/watch.
    No one is bashing, just nice criticism.
    They can do a better job.
    Comments like “Oh why don’t you go sub it yourself” are retarded as fuck because why waste our time when we can watch some crappy subs and make fun of it instead.
    You should label this as [HorridSubs] until you guys translate better.

  15. Derp June 27, 2011

    “To get an idea of how talented our backup typesetter is, he’s one of Rumbel’s typesetters for Gintama.”

    Let me pause here for a moment and take a breath, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Oh my fucking shit that was the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, welcome to DELAYS forever in order to MAXIMIZE QUALITY. If Rumbel was a good group they wouldn’t take fucking a month to finish one episode of Gintama.

  16. googleman June 27, 2011

    umm why are people bashing the fansubbing team i mean if you don’t like how they sub go and sub it yourself then. I don’t know why people hating and got talk for ppl that working hard to bring it to ppl that like the manga and glad that someone subbing the anime to it that is childish wtf i mean if you don’t llike how anime destiny subbing go read the manga then are sub it yourself everyday wasting ppl time posting foolishness about every sentence you see faulty.

    P.S anime destiny keep up the good work i love the manga it up there with one piece and the anime for toriko going good director getting better as the weeks go by

  17. Leskyel June 27, 2011

    Animation is crappy? Lol, it is standard for a long-running shounen. Until it starts reeling in some money, there isn’t going to be any speciallly animated episodes. The censorship is a fuckin shame though, while I’m going to watch the show simply because it is Toriko, at least a bit of blood would’ve been nice.

  18. Monad June 27, 2011

    Thanks so much for this. Btw i noticed just 2-3 moments where the sound seemed to get lost for a second, was that from the Raw or did something went wrong with the encoding?

  19. Jason June 27, 2011

    I bet that all negative comments here come from the retarded SGKK fanboys. Instead of enjoying the show they keep searching for errors only to show us that SGKK would have done it better. Moreover, since Anime-Destiny are the only ones who sub Toriko, nobody should be whining. And regarding the show itself, it’s true that the animation is crappy, and there are many things that were removed from the manga, so I dont’t how long I’ll keep watching it.

  20. Celestus June 26, 2011

    Just watched ep 12 , mistake at 15:43 Terry came here to tell let you know that he’s here.
    Feels like someone merget “came to tell you” and “came to let you know” in to one sentence.

    • Kurisu June 27, 2011

      …and it’s the only “major” mistake in this episode. Not as bad as they say, was it?

  21. manzanita June 26, 2011

    PS- is this really the same guy who encoded for sgkk…? because tina riding on terry ghosted so much that it gave me a seizure. it was never this bad back then.

  22. manzanita June 26, 2011

    Sweet Jesus. There is every facet of fansub fail in this. The TS is atrocious, the timing is just as bad, and the edit is laughable at best. You really really fail without SGKK. Any way that you can beg them to take you back?

  23. zangetsukakashi June 26, 2011

    it’s ok KoolKidsK,, omg, did i really have to type the name and capitalize all K’s…. lolz

    ohhhh nice, rumbel u say…….

    anyway,,, i hope the next episode comes out faster, i’m starving!!

  24. KoolKidsK June 26, 2011

    The reason why the map typesetting was laggy is because the typesetting that time was not done frame-by-frame. From what I understand, the episode was already really late, and we thought that our typesetter was actually doing something the past 2-3 days, but she didn’t(Or at least, she didn’t upload her work to the FTP.) After 2-3 days of nothing turned in, she asked our backup typesetter to typeset for her this week(episode 12) and next(episode 13) because she was in no condition to be typesetting as she was in a hospital with a low-end laptop from 2008 with a wireless card(she got a max of 25KB/s downloading from the FTP and the work RAW was a whole 180 something MB.) Our backup typesetter is pretty good, though. From what I understand, we just simply didn’t have enough time to be typesetting frame-by-frame. To get an idea of how talented our backup typesetter is, he’s one of Rumbel’s typesetters for Gintama.

  25. Lorgan June 26, 2011

    Thanks for another piece of good work 🙂

  26. Speedometer June 26, 2011

    nice job, but I have to agree with Kurisu, the map at the beginning was really laggy…

    and btw. it should be km/h or kph, instead of km/hr…

  27. mute June 26, 2011

    WTF, that pink robot left those giant footprints that the long hair guy stepped into right? And the pink robot isn’t even as big as the mammoths eye? How big is it lol!

  28. Predelnik June 26, 2011

    Thank you very much)
    And yes, status bar would be nice.

  29. Gunnar Ingi June 26, 2011

    Thank’s a million from Iceland, keep up the good work!!

    PS. It would be great if you could add a little “status update bar/window” to the site, it would be nice to keep track on you’r status… 😀

  30. azheem June 26, 2011

    My most favorite episode so far,, freakin’ awesome..

  31. KulioFrankie June 26, 2011

    No need to apologize about anything.
    5 days after the last episode is really quick.

  32. InYourFace June 26, 2011

    How about YOU translate this show? or edit it or even QC it?
    Oh wait, it’s either you can’ be bother or don’t even know how!
    So F-Off and take your stupid comments with you. If it ‘sucks’ that much for you, why do you bother posting here? and more importantly watch it?

  33. Sporty June 25, 2011

    Thank you very much for your hard work, again!

  34. anon June 25, 2011

    Please get another translator.
    Or another editor,
    and someone who actually does quality check.
    A better typesetter while you’re at it,
    why not a whole new crew, yeah?
    This was fucking hard to watch,
    hopefully it will improve.
    Though the show sucks just as much.

  35. macxxx007 June 25, 2011

    Finally! Someplace I can show my thanks… THANKS FOR THE EPISODE AND PLEASE HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

  36. MaliceMajorE15 June 25, 2011

    Thanx for the release. you are the only guys doing this and we are grateful. If anything can be done to reduce the size of these encodes though please do it. Dunno that i can be doing 557mb every week…………

  37. Kurisu June 25, 2011

    Very good subs, I really enjoyed this episode 🙂

    If I were to complain a bit, it would be about some commas missing in the sentences and the map in the beggining… Text on the map looked really sloppy, even when it was still, and when it was moving it seemed pretty bad… ;(

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and dont even think of dropping it (we would never forgive ya!!) :p

  38. Happy June 25, 2011

    LOL! This episode is so freaking, amazingly awesome!!

  39. YAW June 25, 2011

    Thank you AD for this episode, keeping improving.

  40. Happy June 25, 2011

    Thank you very much!!

  41. Leskyel June 25, 2011

    Thanks for subs. 🙂


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