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Toriko 135 480p

Toriko 135 720p Hi10p

Toriko isn’t airing next week, just a heads up. Kingdom is though, yeah!

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  1. Nova January 3, 2014

    Please sub Toriko Movie Bishokushin’s special menu.

  2. MAKS5000 December 28, 2013

    is there a v2 of this episode? this episode’s name and the next week episode’s name aren’t translated? thanks for the translation

  3. Hiroshi December 28, 2013


    Here’s a link to the movie soon I put together the loaded as well.

    • Senadtm87 December 29, 2013

      I already watched this it has 1h 6 minutes of movie but it seems that it has more than this, at least cast or something at the end, or end sound track

  4. ultra96 December 26, 2013

    Hey I know you guys are busy, but are you going to be able to do Bishokushin’s special menu anytime soon?

  5. Powerful_beyond_measure December 25, 2013

    Thank you so much! For this ep. and for continually working on the series! TORIKO… IS… MY FAVOURITE series by far :).

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    You guys deserve a break!

  6. Midguardian December 24, 2013

    Thx, and have a happy holiday AD team!

  7. town stoner December 24, 2013

    Happy holidays thanks a lot for the episode looks like a good one

  8. Oudora December 24, 2013

    Too bad you aint doing attack effect any more for Toriko. Your sub always the one that I love. But Does Kingdom has that or not? Is that anime good? I check 1st and 2nd ep, but the serie does not attract me at all. Why not drop it? Got many fans than Toriko? that is why you guys prioritize it?

    • Crotoss December 24, 2013

      Kingdom airs on tv before Toriko does. As well as some staff work on Toriko, some on Kingdom, some on both.

    • remilkman December 28, 2013

      kingdom is way stronger anime than toriko, try watching it for few more eps

  9. Mariam December 24, 2013

    THANKS A LOT!!! too bad toriko is not airing next week,
    but it’s great for you guys to take a break!
    and yeahhh!! merry christmas!!

  10. Smokiex December 24, 2013


  11. Silvata December 24, 2013

    wooooo thx thx~
    no toriko next wk? nvm can wait~ XDD

  12. Fulbring December 24, 2013

    Any updates on the movie?

  13. macxxx007 December 24, 2013


    Thanks so much for the episode!

    Have a happy holiday and a happy new year!


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