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Here you go, enjoy 🙂




Edit: Bakuman II 12 is done. It’s turning out to be hard to get people to work on this actively enough to catch up. But we’ll get these done eventually. I’m trying to get some of those older projects done like Doubutsu no Kuni, too, when I have time. Once I catch up on a few things and have more time we’re planning to do Doubutsu no Kuni more actively.



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  1. Kyuzo February 26, 2012


  2. LoH and the queer pirates! February 25, 2012

    God bless A-D for reminding me what real anime is, not like that gay porn and anime that me and MA crew watch after we do our thing… Well, a gay’s godda do, what a gay’s godda do, so gay porn, we’re coming for Youuu!

    Thanks again Anime-Destiny!

  3. Newmn84 February 24, 2012

    Hey guys, thanks for the Toriko release but I spotted a grammatical error in 45 around 9:25. It reads “there’s nothing more important that a chef that capable of cooking them” when it probably should be “there’s nothing more important than a chef that is capable of cooking them”. Or change “that is” to “that’s” for the requested fix. As always, I appreciate that you’re doing this show for all of us and I look forward to the future releases.

  4. Geese1 February 23, 2012

    Thanks for the new episode of Bakuman!

  5. TrTs can suck it February 23, 2012

    I enjoyed this but what about the part right before they eat the barbecued Mystery Bird Gegon? It’s like Komatsu flips out about Toriko making it their dinner then a half second later the’re eating the bird. Was there a part where Toriko chopped the bird up with knife or something?

  6. TrTs February 22, 2012

    fine by me…

  7. Smotchuu February 22, 2012

    Thanks for this episode and your hard work 🙂

  8. TrTs February 21, 2012

    Thank you for the release!! Btw you used the wrong font for the episode titles this time…

    • prefix- February 22, 2012

      Oh did we? How do you know? Are you the one who picks our fonts? 🙂
      Maybe we decided to use another Font 🙂

      • TrTs February 22, 2012

        OK. It was just because it didn’t match the font in the animation like last time… No need to be hostile. Use Arial as your font for everything if that’s how you like it…

        • prefix- February 22, 2012

          Hey you’re the one being hostile 🙂 I’m as happy as can be, i just thought i’d inform you that we’re the one fansubbing this, not you 🙂

          If you’re not satisfied with the font you’re welcome to choose another fansub group 🙂

          • TrTs February 22, 2012

            I just though you may had made a mistake since you were using a matching font to the animation before. I though most fansub groups don’t see pointing out errors as a hostile act. Plus there isn’t any other group subbing Toriko if you haven’t realized. I’ve been part of fansub groups before and I know the process and never minded when someone indicated an error in our release that could be helped. If you chose the font intentionally to no match that of the animations’ in this episode then that’s find by me…

  9. MissedThePoint February 21, 2012

    That pic… wow… just, wow…

  10. Grim February 21, 2012

    Thank you very much.

  11. Toriko February 21, 2012

    Thanks for Toriko. ONe of my fav animes

  12. Chewy February 21, 2012

    Thx for the hard work guys ^^

  13. macxxx007 February 21, 2012


    Thanks so much for the episode!

    Have a good night and a good week!

  14. Angry Dad February 21, 2012

    On January 11:
    “Tomodachi’s typsetter is finally back so we should get Bakuman episodes done soon. Everything that’s aired has been translated and some of the other steps done. But mostly things have been held up because the typsetters were busy (holidays, weddings, family problems, a bunch of things) and theoretically they should get done soon.”
    On January 17:
    “All our typesetters are back and all the episodes of Bakuman are at least partially done. They should start to get finished soon.”
    On January 24:
    “Mostly Bakuman is bottle necked at typsetting, but now that we have both our typsetters back we should be able to get the episodes out. I’ll be trying my best to make sure things keep moving.”
    On Frebruary 07:
    “And the next couple Bakuman episodes should be done soon”

    So where is Bakuman now ? Stop telling us some fairy tails and release it allready, or don´t make promises you can´t keep !

    • Angry Dad February 23, 2012

      So, what is it with Bakuman?

      First it´s “Tomodachi’s typsetter is finally back ” and “…our typesetters are back…” and “….we have both our typsetters back” and now it´s “It’s turning out to be hard to get people to work on this actively enough to catch up.”

      But ah, I see:
      “But we’ll get these done eventually” – This means maybe or maybe not, maybe this month, this year, or maybe not at all.

      Why did you not drop it instead of telling people lies and fair tails ?

  15. milek February 21, 2012

    first. thank you for toriko.


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