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Yes, we’re early this week πŸ™‚ (Relatively, compared to a lot of the time.)




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  1. Lover of Gaykuto May 9, 2012

    While waiting for A-D’s newest release (!WINK!) i noticed a HUUGE mistake during the conversation between Toriko and Jirou. Toriko asked Jirou why was his body so heavy and Jirou said that that is because they’re now closer to the planet core. And almost immediately after that Jirou explained about those planet-like fruits which give off that unbearable heat and which have “a powerful attractive force exactly matching that of the earth’s gravity”. If that is so, howcome Toriko’s body wasn’t even havier??? MAKES NO SENSE. And these two facts were stated in a manner of literally seconds (based on the anime).

    Other than that i read on a forum that the whole gravity is stronger the closer one is to the core in real life works the opposite way. I have no problem with that since this is an anime. But first saying something and then immediately saying that it’s not true was dumb..Unless it wasn’t translated properly or it means something else.

    Your sharp fan-fag-booy:

    Lover of Gaykuto

  2. Axl_abe May 9, 2012

    any bakuman love?

  3. Lover of Gaykuto May 9, 2012

    For some reason the raw was out on May 7th. Today it’s 9th. A-D usually release an episode two days after the raws have been out. So i’m hoping today is the day πŸ™‚

    Lover of Gaykuto

  4. Thor May 8, 2012

    Thanks cant wait for episode 55.

  5. Jack May 1, 2012

    Thank you!!

  6. Smotchuu May 1, 2012

    Early release made the day πŸ™‚
    Thanks yet again!

  7. Lover of Gaykuto May 1, 2012

    Fast… Thanks for the early release :). Scorpion-bull with lots of tits… I wonder about it’s powerlevel…. Am i missing something – howcome Melk discoevered the Melk Stardust and is famous for giving its name yet he’s stuck in the cave?

  8. Big_Boss_90 April 30, 2012

    Thank you!

  9. milek April 30, 2012

    thank you for toriko. thank you very much for manga and anime.

  10. macxxx007 April 30, 2012


    Thanks again for the episode and please have a good night!


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