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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Toriko 29 Release

Somebody needs a hug…


This week it was brought to you on time. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Toriko 28 Release


This ep was delayed cause of some net/technical problems I had ๐Ÿ˜›

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Bakuman II 3 Release



Ook. Here’s this. Toriko should be done tomorrow unless something unexpected happens.

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Bakuman II 2 Release



This got delayed because the guys at Tomodachi had some problem doing all the signs. Like, typesetting all the cell phones and
such. Hopefully it won’t happen next week.

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Toriko 27 & Toriko Movie 3D Release

So here’s all this stuff.

Ep 27:






1080p 8bit:

1080p 10bit:

This release got a little delayed because our encoder had internet problems.

We’ve got the movie in a whole bunch of versions because it’s from a Blu-Ray rip. It took a while to get done because we’ve been trying to get it in the best quality possible.

So, if you’re not already aware, this aired as a sort of double-feature with the One Piece movie “Mugiwara Chase” in March. They’re not connected in any way otherwise, though. But that’s the reason the movie is only about 40 minutes long. If you combine its and One Piece’s times, it’s 80-something minutes.
The movie essentially functions as a prequel to the Toriko anime (It came out before the anime started). It’s loosely based on the Toriko One-Shot published in early 2008. Though it changed all the elements of that one-shot that were later used in the series.
Please pay no attention to the ending song. I think we can all agree we’re better off pretending it doesn’t exist.

The next Bakuman episode should be done pretty soon. It’s taking a while to do all the signs right.
Episode 27 is large because the way we encode it makes it so, by adding high bitrate cause of the high motion (like the snow), so it’ll keep up with the quality by adding additional bitrate.
Hi10p is a new way of encoding in 10bit depth, instead of the usual 8bit. 10 bit offers way more colors, and as such it’ll make banding disappear, and also give better compression (notice the size of the two 1080ps and see the difference).

Enjoy, everybody.

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Toriko 26 Release

It sure is cold outside…


Well, I just said how everything was going in the last post. Check out Bakuman Season 2 if you haven’t seen that already.


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Bakuman II 01 Release

And a new act begins…


Ok, so, our joint with Tomodachi-Subs has restarted with Bakuman season 2. Despite the fact that their site is down and the group’s pretty dead, hasn’t done any projects in months, but for a while now we’ve been planning this and I’m quite sure we can rely on them to do this. And so far things have gone fine. Hopefully they’ll keep up.

Toriko 26 should be done tomorrow, unless something unexpected happens.
The 40-minute Toriko 3D movie should be done soon, too. It’s being edited.
And we’re working on getting Doubutsu no Kuni done, too. I think we have everyone we need to do all the jobs on that now, maybe.

Anyhow, enjoy.

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