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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Toriko 34 Release

The big fight we’ve been waiting for.

Hi10p 720p:

From now on we’ll be doing an additional 720p in 10bit color depth. Because we’re so gosh-darn accommodating.

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Toriko 33 & Bakuman 8 (and 7) Release

As usual, on time.


Oh and as for the ones who aren’t satisfied with the video quality, I’ll tell you what. Bring me a better source and I’ll work it out. We’re using the best transport stream available we can find. Unless you work in the studio or are like using some magic TV to record the stream in perfectly good bitrate, then don’t even bother.

animedes’s edit:
Sorry I keep forgetting to post the Bakuman releases, but we’re releasing them and the torrents are always on
Episode 7 480p:
Episode 7 720p:
Episode 8 480p:
Episode 8 720p:

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Toriko 32 Release

Kittie had some internet problems this week so this got delayed a day later than we like to release these. If anyone’s wondering. Bakuman should be done pretty soon. That tends to take more time for everyone in Tomodachi Subs to get their jobs done.


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Toriko 31 & Bakuman 6 (and 5) Release

If you’re wondering “Why so large?”, I say cause of motion. Unless you want a bad encode, then the size is fine.



I forgot to make a post for Bakuman 5 last week because I had a lot of problems going on at that part of the week. Bakuman 5 and 6 are done, too.

Episode 05 480p:
Episode 05 720p:
Episode 06 480p:
Episode 06 720p:

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Toriko Episode 30 Release



This took a little longer than usual because one crucial staff member was missing and we had to find a replacement at the last minute.
Bakuman should get done sometime soon, depending on TMD.


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