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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Toriko 146

Toriko 146 480p

Toriko 146 720p Hi10p

Ok, one more episode left. It looks like they’re going with an original ending of some sort. The way things go in the manga were probably too depressing, I can’t tell how much they’re gonna tie it back to the original story though. Either way, it’s been a great run.
I haven’t had time to work on the movie really. It’s a long thing, the length of several episodes, and I’ve had a lot of other projects and things in my life to work on. I’m gonna be working on that once the TV anime ends.

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Toriko 144

Toriko 144 480p

Toriko 144 720p Hi10p

Apparently there is no Toriko next week (The week of March 9th). So we’ll see you in two weeks. Then there are 3 episodes the next 3 weeks until it ends.

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Kingdom S2 39 – END

Kingdom S2 39 480p

Kingdom S2 39 720p Hi10p

Here’s the last episode of Season 2. Season 3 seems likely, but still no announcement.

Season 2 Batch

Kingdom S2 01-39 480p

Kingdom S2 01-39 720p Hi10p

There are no changes in the batch from the weekly releases. Thanks for everyone who worked on it.

Translator: – Kewl0210
Timers: Dao, Drax, Kewl0210
Editing: rathy, Crotoss, Mistral[sA]
Typesetting: Crotoss, kewl0210, Drax
Quality Control: rathy, Crotoss, Mistral[sA], prefix-
Encoding: max80, Crotoss
Distro: prefix-

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