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Q: What is this place?
A: We’re an anime fansub group who’s been around since I think late 2004. Originally this group was started by a guy named Izumishiro and did a few small projects. He started a joint with the group Vulcan300 to work on the anime Konjiki no Gash Bell which was out main project for 3 years. It’s now led by animedes and we’re doing some other projects, including some manga. Generally we’ve done joints due to lack of staff, but sometimes we’ve managed to get enough to work on a project by ourselves.

Q: Will you pick up X project?
A: Whether we pick up a project or not has to do with the group member’s interest and the ability of our staff to do it on a regular basis. A fansub is a something people do for free in their spare time; it’s a hobby. Overloading yourself with projects can bog down the rest of your life. Or else you just end up starting a lot of projects you can’t work on consistently. We generally prefer not to start working on projects other groups are already doing (if anyone’s doing it well, at least). Over-fansubbing is a generally just a waste of time and resources. And obviously if it’s a joint, we don’t need as many people on our staff to work on the project. If you’d like to suggest something like that, email me at

Q: When are you going to finish project X?
A: Generally, we have some long-term projects we have planned or on hold. We’ll get to them when we get to them. As mentioned above, a lot of the time you’d really like to work on something but you don’t have enough time in your life or enough staff to work on it at any given moment. Personally, I tend to put off long term projects until I feel like working on it wouldn’t be a burden to the projects I try to do on a regular basis. If you’d like to help out on any of those, it could very well get the project going again, at some pace. If you’d like to volunteer, or ask about what jobs need to be done for such a project if you’d like to help out, email me at

Q: When’s the next episode of X coming out?
A: Whenever it’s done. An episode has to go through several people before it’s done, and they all have their own lives and daily schedules and live in different parts of the world. Sometimes one step or another gets delayed because the person is unavailable and we can’t find a substitute. But we do our best to release everything with good quality which requires several steps of editing and checking, and everyone has to coordinate with each other to do that. We’re trying to provide subs and scanlations that convey the meaning of the original language to the viewer while balancing it with being easily readable and understandable, which takes time and effort from the perspectives of different people. So have some patience, we’ll get it done.

Q: Where’s the IRC channel?
A: The group’s IRC channel is #Anime-Destiny on the Rizon network.
Link: irc://
You need an IRC client to access it. There are XDCC bots that you can download the releases from.