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All right, all done here. Here ya go.

I was gonna go through some of this before but forgot about it with all the chaos in the past few weeks. The newest volume, 28, just came out last week, which reminded me about it. I thought I’d make a recap now and then on how the anime is going compared to the manga.

The Kingdom manga is ongoing, and was pretty far along before the anime started. Probably because of costs and pacing. But they get through a LOT in each episode without skipping much of anything. I think the channel it’s on has fewer commercials than normal because it’s a premium channel. But the episodes are longer (Usually around 25:00 as opposed to say, Toriko, which is 23:24). But even though it hasn’t gone on too long they’ve gotten through a ton. Kingdom has a lot of events going on at once, different parties and scenes, so it lends itself to having to cram more in to get the story told. Though the manga runs in a seinen magazine (Young Jump) so it has tons more graphic gore, nudity, and the like. Severed heads, all that.

They follow the first arc, the Chengjiao’s Rebellion arc, completely. And then like I said, they put Lu Buwei’s appearance way earlier on, to keep sort of the “main plot” going. In the manga it heads right to the First Campaign arc. Then after this (We’re mid-way through volume 7 now) they changing some events and skipping smaller arcs. One is about a young girl becoming Zheng’s attendant. There’s one is about Ying Zheng as a child when he was a hostage and how he got rescued, which helped shape his personality (They can still do this technically, since it’s a flashback). Then there’s one where a group of assassins tried to kill Zheng. This is originally where Qiang Lei reappears, rather than just showing up where Xin is and saying she was going for a walk or whatever. Qiang joins Xin and helps fight off the assassins. It allows her to show off her abilities and build her character a bit more, though the anime shows her entire origin story. But that whole thing is 2 volumes long and it looks like they decided to compress it. So now we’re in volume 10 and this is where Lu Buwei and his Four Pillars show up. It’s after this when Diao goes to the palace and meets Yi Meng, which has a small arc on its own. The scenes with Qiang at Xin’s house are in this part. After this is where Xin decides to go find Wang Qi to get stronger. Last week’s episode, the beginning of the Mayang Arc, starts volume 11. The end of this week’s episode is the end of volume 11, with a few scenes possibly moved to the next episode in order to get to a good stopping-point at the end. Overall, not many scenes are different. But they took out small bits here and there to keep up the plot-momentum. This Mayang arc goes from volumes 11-16, and you get at least a glimpse of most of the major players in this episode. A few more are in the Opening. Anyhow, that’s all we’re at so far. Kingdom has 3 more arcs past this one. The anime is 38 episodes long, so I’m not sure how far we’ll get. We’ll see…

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  1. Big_Boss_90 November 28, 2012

    Thank you!

  2. Lucas November 28, 2012

    Wow, you read the Kingdom manga. That’s great. Thanks for the release 😀

  3. Animeniac November 28, 2012

    mind linking the chapter that continues just after ep.26? (this ep?)


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