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Kingdom 480p:

Kingdom 720p hi10p:

Okay let’s see… We’re now about half way through volume 15. Or a little less. We’re at the end of chapter 154 which is the 3rd of 11 chapters in V15. So I guess we’re like a third of the way through V15. Pretty much covering everything, though the manga generally goes through it slower and has a little more dialogue and such.

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  1. Lucas January 23, 2013

    They announced Season 2 later in June 😀

  2. JagatNaruto January 23, 2013

    Thanks! The file size for 480p is quite unexpectedly…large.!

  3. Big_Boss_90 January 23, 2013

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous January 23, 2013

    How many volumes are there?

    • Shadow8 January 23, 2013

      For the moment, there are 28 volume out.. I find too until chapter 328 in raw


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