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  1. Richard January 27, 2014

    Thank so much, keep up the good work

  2. Arw January 27, 2014

    Who became bishoujo? There was no Kyoukai in this ep…

  3. Mariam January 27, 2014

    THANKS A LOT <3333

  4. Laxx January 27, 2014

    Somebody became quite the bishoujo.

  5. VISION-KING January 27, 2014

    Wow, what an episode. Only 5 more to go.

    There was so much more to see then the manga, like the eye staring thing from the king & the bandit, that helped spice up the atmosphere.

    Course I think a few things were changed from how the manga told it’s stories. Especially when it showed Xin in a meeting before he lost in defending the bridge area. Oh well, guess they had to make some alternate rearrangements around.

    But man, I can’t tell what episode number would star the side story from chapter 250? Tougun. Since that story was over 30 pages long from being a special. I’m looking forward to that. Maybe it comes after 35 since the anime version does take in almost 4 chapters? Who knows?

    Till then, good luck.

    PS to strik3agle, just look up Kingdom on Nyaa, to get Nyaa Torrents, look up Kingdom from Anime-Destiny, there should be a list or a complete season one work. That’s all, hope it helps.

  6. strik3agle January 27, 2014

    New ep, Thanks a lot! XD Btw, in need of seeder for Kingdom S1 ep 8 and 34… Anyone please? Thanks.

  7. shin January 26, 2014


  8. drksilenc January 26, 2014

    lol i download at 1MB i upload at 4MB haha


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