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  1. shaun February 9, 2014

    My guess is that the next episode will be about diao and that man vision king mentioned. I think it will probably focus on weather diao can order that man she became friends with to die in battle. It seems like a logical story area.

  2. Xeiran February 8, 2014

    It’s nice to see Diao again, but… It’s also annoying that Xin is apparently such a lack wit; I’d really hoped he would grow as a strategist as well. If this was real history and not just a story, not doing so would not bode well for him. There have been famous generals in history who weren’t much for strategy, but none of them were ever thought of as “great” generals, even if they managed to become great leaders (like George Washington).

  3. Moony February 3, 2014

    When they were looking for a strategist i was like ” why don’t they call that girl with bird cloth that used to be with Xin in season 1 ? she was studying war strategy with that boy for a while now ” and then surprise she shows up

  4. Davi February 3, 2014

    Thank you.

  5. VISION-KING February 3, 2014

    Man, this was a surprise.

    As expected, the anime makes it very more interesting with movement & other stuff not seen from the manga.

    And they seem to have thrown in a freebie? The man that was helping Diao, I don’t think that came in the original manga’s chapter? Or it might have been one of those bonus pages, I can’t be sure?

    But what I do know, is that in the next episode, 36, the Fexin Unit will beat this enemy.

    Then the only parts left to possibly be seen, are Tougan, the general of Yan, and I don’t know if they’ll show the small country?

    With only 4 episodes using 3 to 4 chapters merged together, it’s hard to figure it all out, but I’m looking forward to it. Give us a heads up of when they’ll plan to post a Season 3, things have moved along so well, it’s gonna keep on rocking.

  6. just passing by February 3, 2014

    There is something wrong with ED TL style. I can’t understand the “strange letters” when the size is 40, but in 41 it’s normal. Before you start you don’t have font or etc. First I didn’t have it and I extract it from the video, installed on my PC, restart it and the same. After that I remove it, the same thing and nothing… Wish you could fix it because it takes extra *efforts* to extract the script and correct the size, renamed the script and start playing from the ED.

  7. February 3, 2014

    why, just why would you translate “tekisei” as “hostility”?

    for it is obviously not “敵性” but “適性”


  8. Solio February 3, 2014

    There’s obviously going to be more after this season is done, but I really can’t remember the last time I was this hyped about a show, thank you guys for taking the time to bring this to us every week!

  9. juan carlos February 3, 2014

    thank you guys 8) hehehe

  10. TR February 2, 2014

    same here XD
    refresh -> wait 15 mins -> refresh (x10 times)
    now that i think about it was checking now for more than 2h i guess

  11. bewns February 2, 2014

    spamming refresh here, thanks!


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