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  1. lol February 23, 2014


  2. anon February 20, 2014

    Not sure why it’s not on the website, but it’s subbed and legit:×720-hi10p-aac-c8dae096-mkv-t8787062.html

  3. lazysubfux February 18, 2014

    fucking lazy ass whores hurry up n release the sub bitches.

    • scarabey77 February 20, 2014

      Don’t like something? Get the fuck out!

  4. Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

    @Solio. You’re right. I was wrong about the Toriko thing, and honestly I shouldn’t have assumed the commenter before me knew what they were talking about. Logic is still against you though. Out of the many staff members they have, it would be incredibly unlikely that they all had sudden emergencies that kept them too busy to take a minute out of their supposedly hectic lives just to show they actually have some pride in what they do. I could be wrong, and perhaps they all were indeed caught up in a tornado or something, but the chances of you being wrong are far greater.

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      Unlikely? Yes. Possible? Also yes.

      • Fuck my life February 18, 2014

        Kingdom is not coming out today just found out and thinking about killing my self

        • Its ok February 18, 2014

          Dont kill your self Kingdom will come out soon

          • Fuck my life February 18, 2014

            no the world is ending and i cant live without Kingdom

        • mimi February 18, 2014

          i allready killed my self and now i am just a ghost…. no need to live if there wont be any kingdom anymore

    • kid bengala February 18, 2014

      Life is hard,

      • Fuck my life February 18, 2014

        Life is hard and all i want to do is come home from work and roll a blunt smoke and watch Kindom

        • lel February 18, 2014

          i like to smell my own farts and fart into peoples mouths, can i fart in your mouth to make you feel better?

  5. hello

    I’m quitting Facebook and start using anime destiny


  6. ──────────────── ────██

    • Bahodin February 18, 2014

      I find this message to be actually the best posted so far. If I view a bit farther at the top of the page. We can see this.

      Spread The Love, Share Our Article

      This image represent what kind of love we share for each other here.

  7. some guy February 18, 2014

    The a-destiny guys said on irc it will be out today at the same time it is usually released on sundays (mondays depending on the timezone).

    • some guy February 18, 2014


    • Hillbilly February 18, 2014

      Thank you for the info, I’ll go wrestle with a video game for a while then. Your post is appreciated. 🙂

    • Bahodin February 18, 2014

      Thank you for the information. That is really appreciated.

    • Isbjerg February 18, 2014


    • LuciferSaves February 18, 2014

      Plot twist; OP is trolling and there’s no Kingdom coming, huehueheuh

      • Solio February 18, 2014

        Alright that’s it, Who let Shyamalamalan in here??

        • LuciferSaves February 18, 2014

          Actually, it’s A-Destiny’s main subber that’s M. Night Shamalamadingdong. What a twist!

    • mimi February 18, 2014

      thanks hope that is true

      • not happy February 18, 2014

        Its not true they never posted on irc

    • Bull shit February 18, 2014

      they never posted on irc you dont know when its coming out

  8. lol February 18, 2014

    shit posts are shit!!

  9. rejin February 18, 2014

    comments keep on rollin

  10. Name February 18, 2014

    If you’re the only subbing group currently subbing a specific anime, then I really do think you should take pride in that and feel obligated to release it on time, regardless of what the fanboys sucking the shit out of your ass think. I understand that this is a free service you’re providing for everyone and that we should feel grateful, and a most of us are including myself, but that doesn’t change people wanting episodes to be released in a timely manner. If they can’t be released on time, then at least have the common courtesy to post a message stating there will be a delay. Don’t just leave us hanging. Anyway.. this is not a rage or complaint post, just some food for thought and my own opinion on the matter.

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      Would it be nice for them to give us some kind of notice? Sure, I would love that, but that doesn’t mean that it takes top priority in their lives over things like family, friends, profession, physical or mental well-being, etc.

      • farts February 18, 2014

        That may be true, but that’s all speculation. It takes literally seconds to post a message about a delay, and the fact that Toriko 141 was released the other day tells me there is at least one person with the time to release an episode, therefore a simple message about a delay on another anime can be added just as easily.

        • Solio February 18, 2014

          Your side of the argument is speculation too though, that’s all this entire wall of posts is. Pretty much my point is that there is nothing we can do about it aside from just go and watch the RAW, so we might as well be patient until something happens.

          • Hillbilly February 18, 2014

            I’m so desperate now I’m trying to find the Chinese Traditional subs so I can covert them to English. Yes, it’d be a horrible sub, but my withdrawal is so bad now my hands are shaking.

            Just wanted to point out that there is ALWAYS more that we can do 🙂

          • KingKong February 18, 2014

            However, being able to vent our frustrations in the meantime IS something we can do. You can’t NOT expect that to happen no matter how much something is out of our control. We will continue to comment about it feverously, accosting small children with our keyboards of justice all along the way until either it’s fixed, or we slowly forget about it over the course of time.

            Now then, let’s talk about the real reason you keep replying. It’s cause you want my penis in and all around your mouth. My penis, your mouth. It’s a date. :3


          • Solio February 18, 2014

            So you’re gay then, huh? Sorry, I’m out of your league big boy

          • HonkeyKong February 18, 2014

            “A mouth is a mouth.”

            It’s more about humiliation and power than it is sexuality. My sexuality remains heterosexual, as well as my comfortableness in it. Now submit thine lips to my penis, you peter puffing pole polisher.

          • To speculate is to conjure a theory without a firm basis. An example of that would be any of the random illogical excuses you’ve been making all day. His side of the argument is based on solid fact. They have been on to sub an anime that was released later than the one we are currently waiting for. This is undoubtable proof that they could have easily given a simple explanation for their tardy ways. That’s not mere speculation. I urge you to take English lessons, as your issues with communication are somewhat consistent, and all seem to stem from a poor grasp on the English language.

          • Solio February 18, 2014

            Except it’s not based on fact and that is an episode of toriko from last week. Nice try though, very cute.

            And kong whatever, you keep telling yourself that 😉

          • KongOfDongs February 18, 2014

            Incorrect sol. It’s irrelevant that it is last weeks ep of Toriko. If anything, the only further proves how slow these subbers are. The previous release of Toriko from this site is ep 140, so for all intents and purposes ep 141 is a NEWLY subbed episode from this site, making it a FACT that is was subbed and released before Kingdom was and hence no reason for there not to be either a message about kingdoms delay, or it to have be released already. Clearly you’re the only that doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about. So.. “Nice try.”

          • KongOfDongs February 18, 2014

            Welp, guess I looked at the comments date on ep 141 instead of the release date and wrongly assumed it was released the 18th instead of 11th. However The fact remains they’re still behind all all the animes they are releasing, all whopping 2 of them, and that shouldn’t be happening at all, regardless of circumstance. That was the entire point behind the majority of my posts.

            …Except the ones about Sol needing to suck my schlong. Those we for my own amusement, and still something that needs to happen.

          • sadlittlenerd February 18, 2014

            hehe.. kong if you go to “home” at this page to the bottom right you have the latest animes posted by dates and its torika 141, 11 feb or something it say clearly… so YOU get YOUR facts right and if a mouth is a mouth then fucking blow yourself =)

          • sadlittlenerd February 18, 2014

            hehe posted at the same time so sry, but ye there you have it 😛 and apparantly the subber was hold up at gme-con or something like that. its underway and will be out as soon as the final tuches is ready =)

          • KongOfDongs February 18, 2014

            Nerd, if men could blow themselves, we all would be doing that right now instead of making silly comments on a website.

            There also would be no reason for women anymore, haha.

  11. noneya February 18, 2014

    I don’t care if it takes a long time for the lazy bitches to do this I have seen people take less time.

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      And how much time is that exactly?

  12. Attention All Whiners

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    Again, you don’t have to believe this, but this was released by the japanese board so I mostly think this is true. Oh, well believe what you want to believe! The ending seems reasonable though.

    • Bahodin February 18, 2014

      Its the kind of message you read the first lane and the last one and you know everything the dude wanted to say without getting any near to get spoiled. Better luck next time.

      • not for you shithead

        • Bahodin February 18, 2014

          Your intelect is incredible. Continue your good arguments. So we can actually laught at you.



    • You’re right. Beggars can’t be choosers. The mistake you and the rest of these submissive ass kissing little fairies are making, is assuming that the rest of us are beggars like yourselves. No, I am not quaking in fear that the anger my words induce causes them to stop working on the subs. That’s what you beggars do. I will tell these wannabe subbers exactly how wack they are, and all you’re going to do about it, is submissively defend your masters with your logic deprived hypothetical scenarios and tired old arguments the like of “But they have lives, good sir! Please!” and “Be nice to them! They are volunteers!”.

      Silly beggars, thinking they are on the same level as me. Hilarious!xD

      • bluerider February 18, 2014

        Ah, such a grand sense of misguided entitlement that fills your post.

        yep, you are certainly at a level few can or want to match.

        • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

          Entitlement? Again you go judging your superiors based on your inferior perspective. Am I entitled to make them release the subs? No. Am I entitled to let them know how terrible a job they are doing? Of course. I speak my mind, and no idiot with inferiority issues is going to stop me. Jog on.

  13. sadlittlenerd February 18, 2014

    hope you guys didnt die typing the translations hehe you are the only ones that sub this fantastic anime one of my alltime favs. really really cant wait haha hope it will be posted sooooooone!

    apriciate your work guys!

  14. insanemultitasker February 18, 2014

    Where have all you complainers been each week when the sub was released for your enjoyment? You certainly haven’t been here commenting and saying ‘thank you for your effort and hard work.”

    • lol February 18, 2014

      lol stop trying to be the good kid


      • jollyroger February 18, 2014

        Ahhh…. you must have some sand in your vagina today. knocking someone for being appreciative… you should try licking your own ass.

        • lol February 18, 2014

          Like I said, don’t shit post under my comments you dick sucking twat.

          • bluerider February 18, 2014

            Sounds like you need to follow your own advice. Idiot.

    • Isbjerg February 18, 2014

      Only the delay gave incentive to following the link from nyaa 😉

    • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

      Are you saying that they’re doing a poor job because they haven’t been shown enough love? Seriously? Have you not read the atrocious amount of ass kissing that’s going on over here? Trust me. They are well polished and need no more.

  15. Xin February 18, 2014

    The only good part of the delay is to watch idiots complaining without reason! lol
    Unjustifiable ragers. Unjustifiable ragers everywhere.

    • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

      Don’t lie. Earlier today you were all mad at me, calling me a “douche” etc. You’re not laughing. You’re upset that your masters have been insulted and can’t help but to try to take out your frustrations with passive aggressive digs. Yes you are that transparent, and yes, no one takes you seriously. It must be tough being you.

  16. kingdom fan February 18, 2014

    shut up you anime freaks they do not get a dime this they do this on there free time so we can enjoy anime that we would normally not be able to they got other paying jobs and there own life’s i want to watch this episode to but things happen just be patient

    • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

      When you’re name is “Kingdom fan” and you’re trying to mock others by calling them “anime freaks”, no one is ever going to take your seriously, moron.

  17. Bahodin February 18, 2014

    How come subs are still not out. You guy have toriko and kingdom, should not be that hard to release them before 72h. Kingdom is the only anime I get the complaint about how the subs are slow. Now I already see those imbecile telling me to go learn Japaneese. Well I started a couple of month ago because I do exactly want to by pass Anime-Destiny who slowness make me mad a week on 2. But you see, its still just a couple of month ago I started. So I still need them atm.

    Now I have read a bit of what as already been writted here. No, they are not paid for it. But when you offer yourself to offer a service. Either you give the service or you just don’t offer it in the first place. So now I see a toriko already subbed. But where is kingdom? They went on the lazy path I guess. Toriko not even 24h release. Kingdom 2, bah lets wait, wait… be over due on time. Well lets wait even more.

    Now some say, you would be even more mad if nobody would subs this anime. Well no, because I would not know about this anime yet till someone who do the release correctly set them out. At least I would not be mad a week on 2 because I have to wait, and wait and wait and wait and wait even more then any other freaking anime. All other anime, I have a date and an exact hours at wich they should be out. When they are not yet out at those hours, its 1 or 2 hours delay. Not a freaking 24h+.

    • Ungrateful Scum February 18, 2014

      Plis muh lords who sub animes THAT I WANT sub faster
      me can no wait longer you ruin my day/week/year/decade/life by giving me patients


      no i don’t care that your computer burst into flames, not my problem. I want me anime now

      With much love Ungrateful Scum

    • Isbjerg February 18, 2014

      Ain’t that last weeks Toriko?!?

      • Bahodin February 18, 2014

        Hmm, oh you are right. So their work on Toriko is actually useless since others do it faster. SInce it is out. Why are they even subbing Toriko then? (For some other dude below, see other do it faster and free as well. They are not more paid then Anime-Destiny.)

        • Solio February 18, 2014

          They are subbing Toriko also because CrunchyRoll’s subs are subpar. And CrunchyRoll does charge for it’s services, get your facts straight.

          • Bahodin February 18, 2014

            Fact is they are not charging me. I can look at it for free all over the web. So no they are not charging for the service. Or at least, not to the fan who look at the subbed job. But whatever. We all know it. When something suck, replace it. And that is exactly what I am working on. Replacing Anime-Destiny. But lol, that is not for tommorow. OH and I am selfish, so I am not going to replace them by offering the service they do. Naw just for me. You know exactly why? Because I would not have the patience to sub them on a regular basis. So instead to offer a service I cannot fullil completly, I don’t offer it. At least I don’t create rage towards me because nobody expect anything towards me. Its their freaking choice to have choose to subs. Its to them to accept the responsability that come with it. And so far they accept it, they accept it so hard they don’t give a fuck about it.

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      The problem with your logic is that THEY are the ones offering a free service to everybody, so THEY can choose to release or not release something if they so choose.

      Another thing, SHIT HAPPENS. For all we know, one of them could have had a death in the family. Hell, one of them could have even died themselves, but instead of wondering what’s could be wrong with the group, all people are selfishly worrying about is an episode of anime. Stuff like this is why humanity is going down the toilet.

      • Bahodin February 18, 2014

        I would care about the group if that was something news. But it is not. Its regularity for them. Meaning there should actually have no issue. Second. They would remove A LOT of complaint if they were actually giving reason of the delays. What they don’t. They have a dead in their familly? Set on the website. We are sorry to all our fan, but this week we will have delay on all of our service because of IRL issue. But there is nothing about it, nothing at all and this is what is frustrating and leading to the conclusion that they have actually no issue in their current IRL since this situation is no RARE, but COMMON.

        And if you read well, I ask why the sub are not out yet as a first question. Because I want to know WHY. IF there is a freaking good reason in their IRL or not. I want to know the freaking reason of their lazyness and then. If its seems a legitimate reason this time. I could bypass the lazyness part and appologize. But you see, they do nothing have such a thing happen.

        • Solio February 18, 2014

          Plain and simple, they have no obligation to tell you, or me, or anyone else here anything.

          • Bahodin February 18, 2014

            Then I have no obligation to show them respect as they don’t show any toward me.

          • Solio February 18, 2014

            This has nothing to do with respect, you’re just a poor excuse for a human being is all

          • Bahodin February 18, 2014

            It is actually about respect. They are not serving mindless animal. They offer a service to exactly what we call, a Human Behing. If I was some kind of animal without the ability to think I would not be complaining here. I would be calling a Mooooo and you would not care at all (not that you do atm). So yes not offering a service they offer themselve, not telling why or at least appologize for the delay is actually a big lack of respect toward everyone watching anime subbed by them. Even you. But maybe you are an animal and don’t feel like you are not respected in the matters. Since it is true, Humanity doesn’t give a fuck about animal so why would you feel unrespected.

        • johnnyg February 18, 2014

          Why would they need a reason? They could just stop without a single fuck you… and while waiting for my weekly Kingdom fix I feel annoyed, it IS a free fix.

  18. Kiryu February 18, 2014

    @Sinned. I had a good chuckle reading your ignorant genital slurping of a comment. Haha. What will you do next? Rub your nose in their dodoo and tell me my tears feed your soul?xD

    • Sinned February 18, 2014

      ooh thats sounds good :> i <3 genital slurping bro want me to do the same to you?? c:

      • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

        You’d let your little brothers and sisters die on your lips? You disgust me.

  19. lol February 18, 2014

    37 when? Please don’t wait till all three episodes are aired before you release, if that’s what you’re planning on doing.

  20. Sinned February 18, 2014

    A-Destiny you guys are amazing i dont care if i have to wait a bit longer … even though i can’t wait to see it 😛 I appreciate your efforts if you guys didn’t sub this no one would so thanks alot guys 🙂
    and Kiryu cry more plxxx

  21. Kiryu February 18, 2014

    Close, Solio, however you’re still off the mark. A word generally doesn’t imply much in and of itself. It’s the context that does. You saw “job” and made an assumption based on your experiences of hearing that word used to imply that pay factored into the equation, just as I am now making the assumption that that is how your brain functions. As for them choosing not to release the sub because of me, you’re even further off the mark. If my words bothered them to the extent they choose to give up on their project, then my words obviously bothered them, and they will lose sleep over it(slight exaggeration). Besides, them quitting could result in someone more worthy stepping up.

    • Sinned February 18, 2014

      hahaha you are funny…….. hows life bro? :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Mallekoppie February 18, 2014

      Its people like you who give the internet a bad name

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      You’re right that context matters, but in this case they are not getting paid to release anything, and they are in no way obligated to release anything at all, so your point is moot. And them potentially not releasing the eps due to your remarks doesn’t inherently mean that they’re necessarily bothered by anything, that’s just hearsay.

    • johnnyg February 18, 2014

      “A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment.”
      “a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price: She gave him the job of mowing the lawn. ”

      There goes my chance to “learn the language”…

      • Kiryu - Oh the hate! February 18, 2014

        JohnnyG, you’re a special kind of imbecile, and your chance to learn the language is severely limited by your greater than average limitations. The reason context is so important is because words have different meanings depending on their context. Now please be so kind as to open a dictionary, look up the different meanings of the word “job”, and then smile at how educated I’ve just made you. You’re welcome, tard.

  22. Kiryu February 18, 2014

    Learn the language you imbeciles. A job does not require pay, as is hinted by the context. These guys took it upon themselves to release the subs for this anime. Whether they get paid for their pathetic efforts or not, I will criticise them all I like. As for the idiot who suggested I go and learn Japanese, please never breed again. No one in their right mind would ever suggest learning a whole language for the sake of watching 3 episodes of an anime, you absolute moron.

    • Xin February 18, 2014


    • Solio February 18, 2014

      Uh, actually the word job implies that it is done for some kind of payment. Also, you’re absolutely right, you can criticise them all you want, though you would be stupid to do so, because potentially because of you they could decide to not release the rest of the episodes at all and I’m sure they wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

  23. Kiryu February 18, 2014

    This isn’t the first time I’ve had to wait several days for you lazy wannabes to do your jobs and sub this amazing anime. I honestly don’t know why it’s been left in the hands of pride deprived plebs like yourselves, but I suppose this just goes to show how underappreciated this anime truly is. Anyway. If you’re going to do a job, do it properly, you worthless cretins.

    • johnnyg February 18, 2014

      Chill man, they are not paid for this.

      • mimi February 18, 2014

        well some peopel do donate….. and my guess is that the person responsible is sick.

    • Yung February 18, 2014

      lol Kiryu it’s not their job’s so unless your paying them you should go make your own subs and see if you make any money doing it you damn whiner.

    • Solio February 18, 2014

      1. It’s not their job, they’re doing you and everybody who watches it a favor by subbing it. 2. Insulting people usually doesn’t motivate them.

    • hank February 18, 2014

      you got time to whine than go learn japanese instead

    • Mallekoppie February 18, 2014

      Shutup and learn to appreciate their hard work

  24. rejin February 18, 2014

    please release 37 soon. i am tired of refreshing the page.

  25. chris February 18, 2014

    Does anybody knows when are subs release!! First time here too! Thanks for subbed always this amazing anime!

  26. Xin February 18, 2014

    When there is a delay is when most people (including me) value a-destiny’s work.
    I miss you (and epi 37) badly

  27. Johny February 18, 2014

    I hope you don’t take it as a complain, but simply question.
    If possible, could you please provide us with info when can we expect episode 37?

  28. Hillbilly February 18, 2014

    Anybody else about to start crying because of the delay? I already got the sniffles. *sniffle*

    • stoner February 18, 2014

      yes im sad this is the only anime i look forward to every week

    • Xerberus February 18, 2014

      I stayed up the other night only to go to work with lack of sleep waiting for the next ep. T,T

    • Xin February 18, 2014

      me T.T

  29. stoner February 17, 2014

    i love this anime so exciting and alots of fighting so much fun to watch did u know at 5 am this morning where i live kingdom comes out anywhere from 5:00 to 5:30 am and i spend $50 on a pack of smokes some weed and a sub just so i could enjoy my anime like a true fan and it was not there i was sad and i do this every week i just want to know why its taking so long i understand if it ur work scheduled changed or something but its 17 hours late and i know u guys are pros so u can get it do fast for all the true fans of ur subs and kindom that u work so hard on but could u even just gives us an excuse or something i rather have that then nothing

  30. Solio February 17, 2014

    I understand that sometimes things happen, but man, y u do dis in the home stretch x_x

  31. lol February 17, 2014

    37 when?

    • Pathetic February 17, 2014

      You people that are complaining are pathetic its not as if its easy to sub anime and usually the people doing it have this thing called lives. Be thankful that they work their asses of for free instead of complaining about a small delay

      • lol February 17, 2014

        I was just asking when fagget. Don’t shit post under my damn comments pleb.

      • Yinchie February 18, 2014

        It is easy to sub, its called ripping.
        Also 37 is available online already, google for it. Fully subbed.

        • Solio February 18, 2014

          Except it’s not, the only Ep 37’s available for Kingdom are either RAW, from the 1st season, or episode 36 from season 2 mislabeled as Ep 37.

          • Hillbilly February 18, 2014

            We posted at almost the same instant, sorry about that bud 🙂

        • Hillbilly February 18, 2014

          The only results google comes up with are “Sorry, this episode is not available yet.”, the RAW version with no subs, and a few sites that are trying to pass episode 36 off as episode 37. I checked them all, three times now. Just to save you some time. 🙂 (The reason is all of those sites use the sub versions they get from here, when it’s late here it’s also late on those sites).

        • mimi February 18, 2014

          actually It is NOt ripping, horrible sub does ripping, but as far as I know Cr doesnt sub Kingdom, so its a fansub. And no there is no subversion of this anime. BTW it is not the first time they delayed the release, maybe the subber is sick….

  32. stoner February 17, 2014

    u are 8 hours late on the episode 37 from normal what is taking so long

    • Jeson February 17, 2014

      This is one of my favorite anime’s, but like stoner said, you late. What is going on?

      thanks for great subs

  33. Neengoon February 17, 2014

    1st time here, thank you so much for the subs!!!
    cant wait for the next Ep!! xD

  34. roland February 10, 2014

    im pretty sure a 3rd season was confirmed back around the 20th ep but i have no idea if they will have a break like last time between seasons – btw, this is 3rd hand so dont take my word for it 🙂

    • Xin February 18, 2014

      That would be great!
      I remember the pain for waiting another season. It was like 6 months, right? >.< '

  35. VISION-KING February 10, 2014

    Woah now, this caught me surprise?

    It looks like they’re going to show the stuff about the General of Yan, but it looks like the bonus part isn’t seen before that event, heck, they are even going up to the small country of Jo from where that little kid comes in?

    I can’t tell if they are reverse ordering things from the manga point (like they did with Xeng’s past?)

    It’s all a mystery to me? Well, I guess with only 3 episodes left to go, they must be planning a good stopping point for the end of Season 2. And then when season 3 comes up soon, we’ll really be paying attention.

    Any case, good luck here.

  36. Greg February 10, 2014

    Thanks for yet another great Kingdom episode ! 🙂
    Now, with only three more to go, does anybody have intel on a third season ?

  37. Mallekoppie February 10, 2014

    Thank you very much!!!

  38. Name February 9, 2014

    Thanks for the subs!


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