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Okay. Stuff’s continuing. A couple people seem to have successfully joined. We still need more help though. Especially if we’re gonna do Kingdom. Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard, Kingdom season 2 starts June 8th and will be 39 episodes long.

We still really need editors/QCers and typesetters in order to continue these projects. Please apply. PM me on the IRC channel or email me at

And I’ve still gotta make batch torrents for episodes 51-100. They’re gonna take forever to upload…

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  1. Chaossaturn May 5, 2013

    I’m with “yA” it be much better if you guys softsub the ending and openings but other then that I was wondering if you guys plan to softsub the OVA, as you have only released a MP4 for that?

  2. yA May 3, 2013


    I wanted to ask, is it possible to make the OP and ED’s subs NOT stuck to the video (not hardsubbed)? I’m no expert in fansubbing, and maybe it’s something that makes it easier for you guys when encoding each episode every week, but I was just wondering.

  3. Brentboy April 30, 2013

    How do people rip tv shows from the tv?

  4. Watem April 30, 2013

    Thank you!

  5. macxxx007 April 29, 2013

    Glad help is coming your way… thanks so much for the episode and please have a great night and I hope you’re able to get all the spots in your staff filled!


  6. Neros April 29, 2013

    Thank you for another episode. Glad to hear you got a few more to join the crew. Why is it that every fansub that needs people and there always lacking editors/QCers and typesetters? Are those really demanding and need to know you stuff kind of positions?

    • Kewl0210 April 29, 2013

      They’re probably the job after translator that requires the most thinking and working with people. You need to check things objectively and keep close attention on what’s going on to make sure there are no inconsistencies, typos, etc. And you need to know a lot about how to phrase sentences to make them clear/vernacular without altering the meaning of the sentence. As in “This is a clearer, more flowing and easy to understand version of this sentence but it doesn’t oversimplify it or add in information that wasn’t in the original”. Very few people do this really well. We’ve had some people who are really thorough about how to help improve flow and such, but usually those guys are busy and don’t stick around forever. Mostly I just need to do it myself and be really scrupulous in the translating, and actively try to think of lots of ways to phrase everything until I can find a good way to write a line.

      • Neros April 29, 2013

        OMG you replied! First I’ve seen you comment. Had no idea they did all that. So thats what everyone usually does sub comparisons on. I can see why there always in demand and why fewer would be willing to do it. Thank you for enlightening me on this topic.


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