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OOok, now we’re back on track.


Ok, this is done. We ran in to a few more problems than we expected, sorry for the delay.
Episode 12’s already translated and hopefully will go smoother. Once the group gets more organized these’ll be released faster. We might be altering a few things from the previous episodes like the attack fonts in the near future, depending on how things go with the staff.

Speaking of which, thanks to all our new staff:
Nyara – Typsetting
Ketsurui – Timing
KoolKidsK – Editing
kokus – Encoding
FatedKusari – Webmaster

Ok, I’m going back to working on 12. Enjoy, everybody.

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  7. Brian August 15, 2011

    +1 to HN_s4mur41’s comment

  8. manzanita June 25, 2011

    +1 😉

  9. HN_s4mur41 June 25, 2011

    Nice to see a flamewar around here. The best tip that your work is a crapload of unwilling efforts is when your own regular users strike against you.

    You have been a total jackass to Jecht and Chibi, why won’t you admit?

    You said that they cut you out of the process, that they were morons, that they’re lazy, etc. You also said that you did what you did cuz you wanted to keep the show going on, and “improve” it somehow.

    Soo.. let me tell this:
    1 – DL and watch Bleach from the first SGKK release until this week’s. THAT is improvement. THAT is effort. THAT is a staff.
    2 – The translator’s job is to provide the audience with an experience that is as close as possible to the original audience’s, as stated by a guy whose skills and personality I admire, Velorien.

    I’m ashamed I posted their names on this site.
    Fansubbing is a work of dedication, improvement and altruistic action. Some groups show all of these, but I haven’t seen any so far that is able to achieve the quality of SGKK. You WORKED with them, for God’s sake.

    Well, at least you have learned a thing or two (?) from this experience. Can you stop the butthurt and actually do something great about Toriko (which you “put a lot into”)?


  10. Socorro Kozicki June 24, 2011

    Had him figured out before the election which is why I didnt vote for him.

  11. SamsungTVinfrontofme June 23, 2011

    I never watched Toriko and I won’t start. I just read your article and SGKK’s about this case and I have to say that both, you and SGKK, are to blame. You, as a solo worker, and SGKK, as the incarnation of the word teamwork (sometimes more, sometimes less), have(/had) just so different working mentalities that it could NEVER EVER work out peacefully but at some parts of this loooooong article at SGKK I really felt sorry for you. Especially when you apologized like 100 times in 5 lines but I guess it’s been too late and the fact that Jecht, Chibi and so on don’t like the show just did the rest.
    I wish you good luck for your future with Toriko or other shows and maybe you can laugh about this stuff all together after a few years.

    BTW a translation is there to make me (an English speaking man) understand what’s going on in the show. I/We don’t want a mixture of English vocabulary and Japanese grammar, that’s not the point. The best example is Whine-Subs with the superb English they have. It’s extremely important for shows where you have to use your brain (like for C – The Soul of Money and Possibility Control) and not just to look at cool effects and simple story like Naruto or Bleach (still love those shows <3).

    • Naruto fanboy June 25, 2011

      Excuse me, but how is Naruto’s story simple? I find the story unpredictable, the bad guys aren’t your typical rotten to the core Super Mario villains but have their reasons for doing the things they do, and I doubt the viewer could understand the motives and development of some of the characters and follow the story without translation. Also, the plot doesn’t just randomly trample forward but instead seems to follow some kind of classic dramatic structure where the climax is set somewhere between 50 and 66% of the plot arc, assuming the series is already more than halfway through. Surely there are better stories but I think it is safe to say that Naruto’s is beyond simple.

      a Naruto fanboy

  12. Anas June 23, 2011

    thanks for yours effort

  13. Still Watching June 23, 2011

    Even though your subs aren’t perfect, at least you’re trying to continue on with it. I really enjoy this anime, so thank you. (As long as I don’t see some really horrible typos and what not, I’ll continue to support you guys)

  14. toriko fan June 23, 2011

    So I just read that long post over at SGKK and I gotta admit, that your a real dick, kewl. Working in a team means its not a one man show and your grammar sucks so bad, I as a non native english speaker could understand all your translations cause it sometimes made no sense at all. You do know, that the sentence construction is different in japanese and english, dont you?

    • toriko fan June 23, 2011

      couldnt understand*
      shouldve checked that earlier >_>

  15. Lorgan June 23, 2011

    End this shitstorm for your own good. The main thing about the job you do are releases, so just try to ignore all the irrelevant rest. People will judge you based on your achievements, not quarrels. Even if it seems different right now (“hurfdurfdurf” definitely has some serios brain damage).
    I don’t know and don’t WANT to know which side is to blame. It’s your internal matters, not my (or our, viewers) business…
    You are the only active group that subs Toriko, which I love to watch. For that I am VERY thankful. I hope there are some people here, who think similar. Who gives a fuck about SGKK? If they want to bitch so much, let them do so.

  16. zangetsukakashi June 23, 2011

    @derp,, kewl’s problem wasn’t in aannnyyyyy way related to translation,,, not at all…
    it was something personal between him and the staff there, otherwise the translations are good, and even if it could’ve been better, this is something manageable… we need not integrate personal stuff with others pls…..

  17. manzanita June 23, 2011

    As far as the SGKK post’s stuff being taken out of context and having stuff deleted, they seemed to make it pretty clear that there were lines taken out, but then they linked to the full conversations or whatever, so the full text is there for everyone to see if they want to read it. I mean, the fucking post is long enough as it is without giant irc logs that aren’t completely on topic. SGKK FTW

  18. Derp June 23, 2011

    “It’s a translator’s job to find a balance in their translation between the sentence as it’s read in Japanese and what it means as an abstract idea.”

    No it’s not, you insipid fool. A proper translator conveys the message that the original Japanese intended, but does so in perfectly good English (or whatever language they’re translating to). If your translations aren’t easily understood in English then you have failed in your attempt to translate the sentence properly. For instance, and this is extremely simple for time’s sake, let’s say you translated the phrase, “red truck” from Spanish to English. (I’m using Spanish for the example because I’m know more about it than Japanese, but the same principles apply). The original Spanish would read: “camión rojo” which translates literally to “truck red”, therefore a translator says, “Hmm, truck red… in English that definitely sounds better as “red truck” so let’s go with that.”

    Basically you need to quit failing so miserably at translating and quit sounding like such an offish prick. Damn, is your ego fucking huge.

    • Kurisu June 23, 2011

      “No it’s not, you insipid fool. A proper translator conveys the message that the original Japanese intended, but does so in perfectly good English (or whatever language they’re translating to).”

      Ummm… No, it doesn’t have to be like that, you obtuse fool? The translator translates the message (kinda like the name suggests, eh?), and if he has people editing and QC’ing it afterwards, it’s not necessary for him to use perfect english (it’s more work for the group, but hell, that’s their job). It’s just that he can’t insist on keeping the sentences off-balance in grammar and aesthetics.

      • Derp June 25, 2011

        You obviously don’t understand what “true” translating means. lrn2fansub bro.

  19. Kurisu June 22, 2011

    I guess I agree with Luffyah & Predelnik (being a non-native like the latter), but I got some thoughts of my own:

    The argument is pitiful (for BOTH sides equally). Stop at once. For the common good. Please.

    The last episode was fine (the diffrence was noticeable though I’m afraid) and I really hope you won’t give it up kewl. There’s a whole bunch of people counting on you, ya know?

    Oh, and one more thing. (Hope I won’t sound biased ’cause I’m not.)
    Kewl – try to understand that keeping the TL as close to the original as possible ain’t always the priority… Obviously, you can’t falsify the script, but it has to be good english as well. It’s the same as the diffrence between Tolkien’s and Paolini’s writing. Don’t you wanna become the Tolkien – or even Shakespeare – of anime translation…?

    Anyway, no matter what, we’re here with ya, remember 🙂

    • animedes June 22, 2011

      Yeah. I’m not saying any more about this whole SGKK thing, so let’s move on. I probably shouldn’t have brought it up, I just felt a little blindsided by them dropping it without telling me on top of everything else.
      Regarding translating, some of the time the difference between the translations being accurate and sounding natural is big. If you want to sound natural you sometimes may need to warp a line a lot and it may lose meaning, which is something I prefer avoid and try to maintain the line close to how it’s read while still making them sound natural. It’s a translator’s job to find a balance in their translation between the sentence as it’s read in Japanese and what it means as an abstract idea.

      I’ll try to make them sound more natural in the future and spend some more time on them. The last episode got a little sloppy because we were trying to get everybody together at once and it might not have gotten edited as much as it should’ve, but honestly I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

      If anybody experienced as an editor or QCer wants to join, just email me at if you wanna help. But we already have one so far, so only try out if you’re experienced with fansubbing and are dedicated to do this weekly and are willing to do the work with us.

      By the way the next episode’s almost done. Might release tomorrow depending on how the last steps go. There were fewer delays this week, things are getting more in sync.

      • JPinkerton June 24, 2011

        “It’s a translator’s job to find a balance in their translation between the sentence as it’s read in Japanese and what it means as an abstract idea.”

        No no no… that’s the editor’s job.

  20. SQR June 22, 2011

    Looks like the word “fansub” is loosing its sense.
    I don’t see this kind of a problem even in my real life job lol,
    Chill out, all of you guys. Remember that the work is to please
    the self and others.

    Thanks for the release, AD… and i hope that your problems vanish
    and that you will continue the work on this cool show at a faster rate soon 🙂

  21. Predelnik June 22, 2011

    I totally don’t see why this release is bad. Maybe it’s not perfect, but who cares?
    And ofc i’m not native english speaker, so i probably don’t get all the nuances. Maybe kewl is really to blame, but for now a-destiny releases seem decent for me.

  22. Luffyah June 22, 2011

    This conflict shouldn’t have been made public. Now it’s just a boring war about who is to blame. Just stop it – it’s better for all of you guys.

    I love the work SGKK does and I love the work Anime-Destiny does. That’s it for my part.

  23. zangetsukakashi June 22, 2011

    guys, chill
    let’s leave it at that,,, it’s not our business ,,, what’s done is done,… at least don’t start tryina make things worse. yeah kewl prolly wasn’t right i agree, but everyone makes mistakes and it’s not up to us to judge them or correct them,,they’re mature enough to handle their own problems ….

    thanks for everything A-Destiny and SGKK

  24. Anon June 22, 2011

    SGKK seem to be holding a better argument. They’ve made you look like a right twat.

  25. Herp June 22, 2011

    You still trying to defend yourself is almost as funny as the post by SGKK, and most of what you wrote is a load of bollocks.

    I would never watch any of your shit releases but these comments are pretty entertaining.

  26. Anon June 22, 2011

    Nice effort. Your release is garbage.

  27. Derp June 22, 2011

    “Anyhow, we’re doing it ourselves now which I probably should’ve made more of an effort to do in the first place. The new staff we have all talk with each other and we can actually get the whole thing done without people spiting each other, so let them go ahead and hold their grudges.”

    ^Most fucking hilarious thing I’ve ever read in my entire life.

    Your release is shit bro. Maybe you should try more of this :effort: you speak of.

    • animedes June 22, 2011

      The guy put a lot of that out of context. And the stuff in context about “We told him everything” is essentially false. Even in the transcripts you can see I’m having like 20 lines of text without him saying a thing and he sticks snide comments in {}s which he didn’t actually say, he just ignored me. If he did ever ask me something and I didn’t respond, it was when I wasn’t online, like when I was disconnecting and my nick on IRC hadn’t timed out yet so it didn’t say “quit” even when I was offline (I did answer that question about what font to use and such as soon as I read it, later on). Most of those “awkward” lines I could’ve written better, but they’re what the original Japanese lines said/meant. I just rushed through a few lines out of every 350 line episode which I should’ve phrased better or double checked because I left out a word or something after editing it. And no one ever went over what they thought sounded awkward or what I should be doing differently, no one discussed any unhappiness or voiced any opinions past the first few episodes, I just got no responses whenever I asked about anything past episode 3. And he just posts stuff like that where he can make as many snide comments and one-sided arguments as he wants and make fun of me for saying stuff like “I’ve gotta go, I’m late for something.” or “Can’t we just keep it as is?” or a sarcastic joke I made someone took seriously and tries to make it seem like I’m a bad person. I was stressed out and in a rush every week in the first couple episodes and was rude, which I apologized for later. I was thinking too much about the project and not enough about who I was working with, but I gave a long apology for it after, and the whole thing was essentially about two or three conversations that they held a grudge for for over two months. I admitted I got frustrated and stressed and was too pushy a couple times but apparently that’s “unforgivable” and justifies months of passive aggressive anger. But seriously, I don’t wanna get into a big argument here, because the guy (Jecht) doesn’t listen to me or anything I say, then when I try to hold a mature conversation I get ignored (Ones he didn’t post because they’re just me talking to a channel that’s empty besides me and Jecht in it and him ignoring me, though that’s the only way I was “allowed” by them to be part of the process). He didn’t communicate or try to fix problems with the joint or let me know anything, he’d rather make fun of me behind my back, blow things out of proportion and be passive aggressive rather than be mature and compromising. If the only communication you have with a person is when there’s a problem, you’re not gonna “get to be friends”, which was the only form of communication I had with SGKK for the last couple months. Anyhow, we’re doing it ourselves now which I probably should’ve made more of an effort to do in the first place. The new staff we have all talk with each other and we can actually get the whole thing done without people spiting each other, so let them go ahead and hold their grudges. The guy got mad over a couple conversations where I was too pushy, which I apologized for, and then acted like a jerk for two months no matter how many times I tried to make ammends, so I don’t expect him or chibi to “forgive and forget” any time soon. To each his own.

      • hurfdurfdurf June 22, 2011

        you may as well disappear, change your nick and your group name and then try again later. your group will just be avoided from now on

        your release is also awful. seriously.

  28. someone June 21, 2011


  29. Happy June 21, 2011

    Thank you very much!

  30. milek June 21, 2011

    thank you very much

  31. Kurisu June 21, 2011

    Thanks a lot guys!! I hope you will continue despite the problems (thats the best thing about this release that you put so much effort into it), keep up the good work!

  32. Luffyah June 21, 2011

    Thank you very much 🙂

    Btw, on anidb you are still listed as dropped but added episode 11 to the list. Just wanted to give a hint.

  33. Tekmatek June 21, 2011

    Thank you, you were pretty fast in spite of your problems 🙂
    Good Job !

  34. Sporty June 21, 2011

    Thanks a million guys! I was worried that no one would continue to sub this. It looks like it’s going to get better and better. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but it definitely has a lot more promise. So I’m happy you guys are sticking with it, it’s a real pleasure to watch this show.

  35. Bigbossmae June 21, 2011

    thanks 😉

  36. azheem June 21, 2011

    cool!! thank you very much……:)

  37. Juozas June 20, 2011

    Thanks you very much 😀 I’ve kinda missed it 🙂

  38. Keeper June 20, 2011

    Wootness. Thanks for not giving up =-)
    Toriko’s kinda grown on me.

  39. Lorgan June 20, 2011

    Thank you so much 😉

  40. Goshi Jack June 20, 2011

    Thanks a lot! Toriko may not be high art but it is a really fun show and I really appreciate you guys continuing it.

  41. Xizzzy June 20, 2011

    Thank you ^_^


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