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Toriko 142 480p

Toriko 142v2 720p Hi10p

And it looks like Toriko may be going on hiatus at the end of march.

**V2 on 720p release, didn’t upload properly causing crc mismatch.**

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  1. Aboebakr Aberkan February 27, 2014

    Can you guys please sub the toriko movie? the raw has been out for so long and i want to watch it

  2. grant.walker February 26, 2014

    sub the second toriko movie already

  3. Doge February 25, 2014

    I think they should sub the Toriko movie first rather than the new episodes, it’s been out for months now don’t you think?

  4. N3ar February 23, 2014

    How home u guys jump straight to episode 142, where’s the episodes 140&141???

  5. Midguardian February 20, 2014


    • Fuck my life February 21, 2014

      so are we getting the movie anytime soon or should we just give up on that too

  6. Kanji February 20, 2014

    Thanks for the episode guys!!

    Yeah, looks like we only have another 5-6 episodes before DB Kai returns to this slot…… is sad we can’t have both……..

    Hopefully that at least means that Toei can conclude the Human World Arc without having the rush and spoil the animation/story too much…..and once DBK concludes the Buu Saga at the end of 2014, we can get Toriko back next year with plenty new source material!!

    Finger crossed it comes back for the Gourmet World Arc!!

  7. VISION-KING February 19, 2014

    First off, superb episode & the making of the attacks. It really looked exciting to see.

    But from close inspection, I’ve come to terms with something? Much of the episode has changed a lot from the manga. Toriko isn’t in a crucial death state, Komatsu isn’t interfering to stop Starjun or helping a wounded Toriko. And the anime added off Joa being sensed?

    I can’t tell what they’ll do, or what they’ll do to make the next few episodes or if they do some switch-a-roo type to surprise us?

    Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see, this series is too popular to be stopped, but they may have to develop ideas, and possible fillers to keep the anime from catching up to the manga series. That’s their most important plan so that nothing gets out of hand, or no plans of what comes next from what came in the manga.

    Till then, good luck!

  8. KajiwaraSora February 19, 2014

    Epic shit, not the subs mind you, the episode itself.
    It appears the last good episode of the anime will have been 141.
    The rest of the anime won’t make sense on so many levels now. Yosei giri won’t be used on toriko by Komatsu.
    Fuck this shit.

  9. milek February 19, 2014

    thank for toriko

  10. hhmah February 19, 2014

    thanks for the sub.. but the anime is crap compared to the manga… they destroyed the manga specially with this episode; disgusting.. i want madhouse to take over..

    just waiting for the movie

  11. oops February 19, 2014

    Can’t wait for the movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mariam February 19, 2014

    thanks a lot <3

  13. macxxx007 February 19, 2014


    Thanks so much!

    Have a great night!

  14. Smokiex February 19, 2014


  15. Fan February 19, 2014

    Thanks guys, man what happened, the show went from an amount of blood that’s somewhat true to the story, all of a sudden to nary a drop. It’s like some censor said no more blood, period. I was so pumped for this episode after reading the manga chapters, but this part was watered down to less than half the awesomeness of the original imo. Anyway, thanks again.

    • coffeemonger February 19, 2014

      The anime is ending /hiatus in march/april and dbz kai buu saga is replacing it. It feels very similar to how FT ended too – lower quality art, lots of pivotal changes etc.

      • Smokiex February 19, 2014

        Hey dude, please tell me its just a break, not complete end of the manga/show?

        • yeps February 19, 2014

          nothing confirmed yet. they did change stuff in this episode from the manga. depending on how they do next episode, maybe we’ll know if it’s a break or a complete end. i really love the show too, even if the manga is better and stuff. let’s see what happens ๐Ÿ™

    • IamMe February 21, 2014

      Blood vanishing is reasonable considering he was standing in flames and his skin was continually burning off and regenerating. The blood would have evaporated or been burned off.

      In other random news I was going back and checking my collection and found the batch torrents. Was going to use them to organize my files and I find that the batch for 1-50 does not actually have episode 49 in it. Its only 49 files. 51-100 does have 50 files, although there are comments in the Nyaatorrent page that one of the files is corrupt (looks like ep 64).

      This is for the 1280×720 h264-AAC Version.

      Thank you for all the work on the series, I was really disappointed when I saw the fight got past the flame blade breaking scene and Toriko was still up and fighting. That is where he went down in the books.

      • IamMe February 21, 2014

        Oh and up until Starjun did that flaming slash it was pouring rain on the 2 of them and it went completely clear as soon as he did the slash. Was possible that the blood was washed off as well.

      • IamMe February 21, 2014

        Ah I just found where the 1280ร—720 h264-AAC episode 49 is, its in the 10Hi version batch. The 1-50 10Hi batch has 51 files in it.


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