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  1. Hufgez March 1, 2014

    When the movie is out?

  2. macxxx007 February 25, 2014


    Thanks for the episode!

  3. RE:Navin February 25, 2014

    because anime is ending

  4. Smokiex February 25, 2014


  5. Navin February 25, 2014

    Ehh guys….., how come anime and manga have different storyline….LOL…wakkakaka…BUT i prefer this…it is more exciting…:D

    • Neros February 25, 2014

      Its not to uncommon for animes and mnagas to be different. Some times they come out with OVA which is a remake of the manga if it came out as a anime thats different then the manga.

    • AzureOtaku February 26, 2014

      Ever watch original FMA?
      Bascially that…
      Also if you haven’t watched original FMA… don’t and nevermind what I said lol

  6. Silvata February 25, 2014

    wooooooo sweet~~ XD

  7. Mariam February 25, 2014

    THANKS A LOT <333
    I really can't wait anymore for this episode to finish downloading!!

  8. wasio February 25, 2014

    Hey guys you have made a mistake on naming the beasts where midora and Ichiryuu is fighting. I hope you guys fix this asap and release a ver.2. Sorry for my bad english. :-s

  9. Michael February 25, 2014

    woooohooooooo 😀


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