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Toriko 147 480p

Toriko 147 720p Hi10p

Okay, and so, we have the end of the Human World Arc. A few plot points kind of veer into where the manga was at the end of the Human World Arc there. And the story’s definitely not over. So perhaps there will be an anime adaptation of the Gourmet World arc at some point in the future (Maybe after the Boo Saga of Dragonball Kai ends. We don’t know really, though. It’ll depend on how well the Toriko’s manga and its products sell and that sort of thing). If so, we’d cerainly like to sub it, but we don’t know if/when that’ll be and we don’t know what’ll be going on in our lives at that point in time. Right now, I’m gonna enjoy not having a single show I have to sub on the weekends for a bit. Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed the series thus far. I really liked it despite the minor changes from the manga. Also check out the manga because it’s amazing and I work on that, too.

Also we’ll be working on getting the Toriko movie done in the coming weeks. So look forward to that. I haven’t really had much time to work on it thus far, and movies are the length of several episodes so please be patient with us.

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  1. Anyaimacy April 4, 2020

    Hello to all
    In this puzzling span, I love you all
    Rise your one’s nearest and friends

  2. ArmandoEndus February 21, 2020

    hello everybody

  3. swtqfnvpn10 December 10, 2019


  4. RobertOliynuk November 23, 2019


  5. HermanLox October 22, 2019

    He might wish to take his best friend who is also a big fan. The quality was excellent and she knew it would be simply from talking to the people in the company. It seems that the popularity of poker has plateaued.

  6. Danony October 29, 2014

    Hey thanks, I just started watching this. Do you have ‘One Piece’?

    Thanks again. Cheers 🙂

  7. lufinia June 1, 2014

    will batch this toriko 100-147 and fix the episode 111 cause to many glicth

    • Hello June 13, 2014

      Any luck with the batch?

      Thanx Again

  8. Hello June 1, 2014

    Is it possible to batch Episodes 101 – 147?

    Thank You for the great work.

  9. Embad May 16, 2014

    When we can expect the movie? Im getting tired of waiting:P~

    • hhmah May 16, 2014

      im really tired of waiting as well… every day checking.. they can at least tell us when ill come out

  10. senadtm87 May 12, 2014

    Are you doing DB Kai translation now, OST part looks same as Torikos and Kingdoms?

  11. rek May 7, 2014

    whats the update on the toriko movie? i cant wait ^^ i hope its this week =c

  12. Pablet42 May 7, 2014

    Excuse me, can someone please seed Toriko 2009 OVA?? Actually there is no one seeding and i’ve been unable to download it from anywhere in english or at least could you send me the english subtitles in srt??, i’ve managed to download the OVA by torrent but it has greek subs 🙁
    Hope you can help me

    • milek May 7, 2014

      I have it on cd, i will upload in Saturday and give here link.

  13. agiux May 6, 2014

    i wonder if they wil make batch of toriko episodes

  14. victor gonzalez April 30, 2014

    love your work. thanks friend. It was excellently subbed. will look forward to other projects you may have. much appreciated.

  15. Darkwingsamurai April 22, 2014

    I was wondering if you were going to sub the Toriko OVA “Toriko: Capture the Barbarian Ivy!”?

    • senadtm87 April 23, 2014

      I think that there isnt raw for that episode, because they would have already translated it.

  16. Qate April 19, 2014

    You have no idea how much we appreciate your work, kewl & co. These past 3 years were incredible, so much fun and epicness. The consistency in your work is admirable, you don’t see many groups that can handle that many episodes with the same level of quality and speed. There were bumps in the road but you guys kept going like a train.

    I have to admit that I was anime only until cooking stadium, where I lost my shit and started reading the manga, 40 chapters at once of pure greatness. I had withdrawal when I was done with them, haha.. That was your group, too.

    I hope you best in life.

  17. senadtm87 April 18, 2014

    Whats the status on the movie. Did you start doing the translation, and when can we expect it.
    Hope to see you continuing Toriko when next arc starts(as well as Kingdom). THX for everything

  18. thanx April 11, 2014

    why do most of your downloads dont have any seed i want to download gash bell

  19. Sephy April 10, 2014

    Thank You for all the hard work in order to bring us this amazing anime. You got my respect :3

  20. Guys…

    You have no idea how grateful i am… You deserve praise and pat, or pat ‘nd praise…

    I’ve been following the anime since episode 1 and it WAS SUCH A FUN RIDE!

    I started with the anime first and then shifted to the manga.

    Lemme just say that the first few episodes gave me the goosebumps…

    I think there were few times where i would wake up during the night JUST TO SEE IF THERE WAS A NEW EPISODE…. And i’m NOT THE NIGHT TYPE GUY!!!!

    T-O-R-I-K-O I-S S-O E-P-I-C!!! It has that manly-retro vibe, and i’m a fan od old school and manly characters so Toriko was such a nice find!

    Yes, the anime didn’t reach its potential, but i must say that i greatly enjoyed it… I became addicted during the Regal Mammoth Arc. After that there was no return…

    TO-RI-KO will always have a special place in my heart (as well as you, A-D, guys)…

    Thanks for all the hard work (i can’t imagine all the efforts that you put…)!

    TAKE your TIME resting and i can wait for the movie… I can wait….

  21. CommanderNova April 6, 2014

    Please start subbing Fairy Tail S2.
    Your subs for Toriko was perfect and I want your subs for Fairy Tail S2.
    Fairy Tail is an awesome anime with badass fights and badass soundtrack.(I know its stupid sometimes but it is awesome nonetheless)

  22. RenjiWu09 April 5, 2014

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve done. I’m glad I stuck with it to the end.

  23. hhmah April 5, 2014

    thank alot guys, you’ve always been here for us

  24. Luffy April 4, 2014

    I wonder if this Toriko will get the new series? it seem the manga series is still ongoing

    • milek April 5, 2014

      of course it is. manga is like 10 time better then anime.

      • Bob April 5, 2014

        Well that’s because the anime is 10 times harder to complete than manga.

      • elmollej April 5, 2014

        that’s not truth, your a noob.

  25. Mariam April 4, 2014

    otsukare sama everyone! thanks for all the hard work!
    I’m so excited about the movie~ <3

  26. milek April 3, 2014

    thank you Kewl for everything. i have every episode with your subs on my pc. thank for the anime in last 3 years and looking forward readin your translation of toriko manga.

    thank you one again you and rest of your team for subbing toriko.

  27. Kazemaru Zen April 3, 2014

    Good work, have a nice holiday guys, it was a fun ride 🙂

  28. Watem April 3, 2014

    Thank you!

  29. Jinbei-Boy April 3, 2014

    thanks for your hard work ! can’t wait for the movie

  30. Watcherzero April 2, 2014

    Thanks for the work!

    Anime going on break when they catch up to the Manga seems to be a new phenemon.
    Happened with Bleach (even though its used fillers before and theres not that much Manga left)
    Fairy Tail (announced to be returning)
    And now Toriko.

    Must say that the return of Dragonball Kai took me by surprise. The original idea with Kai was to cut out the fillers and prevent essentially a ‘Writers Cut’, it was always supposed to end when it reached the end of the original manga. The Buu Saga was an anime original arc and they said during production of Kai that because of that they wouldnt adapt it, so in a way its return kind of spoils the original point of Kai.

  31. Sadic April 2, 2014

    Is not the end. I see you soon when China is unit and eat God together. Thank You

  32. Truls April 2, 2014

    Thank you for all the work on subbing this series!

  33. Narutofreak12 April 2, 2014

    Thanks so much for subbing the entire toriko anime!

  34. JJohnny April 2, 2014

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys put on every Toriko release. It’s been a fun ride 🙂
    Could you also sub this special/OVA?!
    With this subbed, (and the movie eventually) all Toriko related anime will be available from you guys.
    It would be awesome!

    Thank you again for your hard work and good luck with any current and future projects.

    • Kewl0210 April 8, 2014

      That Baron Ivy OVA still hasn’t been released in any form. Not on DVD, not on TV, not anything.
      Also, I’m sure plenty of groups will be doing those shows. Right now I’ve got the movie to do then I need to catch up on some other stuff in my life before I can think about doing another weekly show. Also, just in general, we don’t really wanna do a project tons of other groups are doing. Preferably not one with a simulcast, too.

  35. Silvata April 2, 2014

    woooo finally last episode~
    thx for all the episodes~
    hope u get some rest first b4 continuing on the movie 😛

  36. skull_hf April 2, 2014

    Thanks for all your efforts to this moment , it was three delicious years
    i want to thanks all the staff for the hard and magnificent work 🙂

    looking forward for your next projects .

  37. Angel_of_chaotix April 1, 2014

    Thanks a lot for sticking with it all the way until it ended, I remember a few times when you guys were considering stopping. I really enjoyed Toriko so much more than I’d have ever thought when I saw the first few episodes. That said I wish you luck on any future projects, and hope that if Toriko does continue down the line that you guys will work on it.

  38. macxxx007 April 1, 2014


    Thanks so much for this episode and the many episodes before it!


    Thanks again and I can’t wait to see what you sub next!

  39. Joe April 1, 2014

    thanks for the great subs! However, kewl, I think you must agree the anime ending completely sucked and was tailored for 5-6 year olds. In any case keep up the good work and I will be reading your translations in the manga every week!

    Joe K

  40. Anime April 1, 2014

    Thanks for the last three years of great subs! Where would be a good place to start reading the manga if they did indeed change some things towards the end of the anime?

  41. Lilsparky67 April 1, 2014

    Will there be a batch, by chance?

  42. Fulbring April 1, 2014

    Thank-You for working on this anime. It was a fun ride. The anime and your releases are what got me into the manga in the first place. As for the ending. They changed a TON of stuff which some was alright, some was just not worth watching.

    Anyways.. Looking forward to the movie and seeing what your next upcoming projects would be 🙂

    • Kewl0210 April 1, 2014

      I’m not planning on doing any new projects right now because I’ve got a lot of manga projects I wanna catch up on. Like, several. Having 4 weekly projects the last year and a half hasn’t given me enough time to work on those. That and most anime get done by several groups these days, and I’d only wanna work on a series I really really like that’s not already getting done by somebody. Like I was already doing the Toriko manga, and I started Kingdom because I really liked the manga and wanted to get the series more exposure. For now I’m just gonna be waiting to see if there’s another season of one of these shows.

      • Zero_Mundo April 2, 2014

        Thanks for all the great work you and the group has done for us le fans over the years!!
        Though I guess I and others were hoping if you would pick up DB Kai as crossover project ;D
        Also many thanks for subbing Kingdom, I helped my brother become addicted to it aswell so I hope it will get a third season 😉

        But for now, immerse yourself into Food, stockup on energy and We’ll be looking forward to the next action packed fighting kickass anime you’ll have discovered!! (
        Perhaps DB Kai or JoJo?? As we all know its your style to pick up the gems that other people forget or dont sub. so I guess if a group picks those up you’ll have some time without any internal peer pressure 😉 )

        Thank you!
        Good luck & Looking forward to the next series!


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