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Go fry up some popcorn and watch…


We got a couple people to join to help typeset, thanks for that. But most don’t have a lot of time or experience so if anyone who has those can join, send me an email and I’d really appreciate it.

Enjoy, yous.

Edit: We made a V2 because a line was missing because of an editing mistake and a couple other small changes. The links in this post are updated.

Here are patches you can put on the first version if you wanna do that. Just put the v1 file in the same folder as the patch and open the patch file:

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  1. Alsancak August 26, 2011

    Thank you :=)

  2. Kurisu August 24, 2011

    Thanks again!

    I guess that an average brain owner understands that sometimes sh*t happens, so it’s okay since you provided us with a v2 & patches – worry not, we still love you :p

  3. milek August 24, 2011

    thank you for toriko

  4. osiris5cm/s August 23, 2011

    no patch sir?


  5. Grim August 23, 2011

    Thank you very much!!

  6. Calvin August 23, 2011

    Stop eating popcorn while typesetting and maybe you wouldn’t greese up the keyboard and causing all sorts of mistakes?!? :p
    Oh and congratz on finding some typesetters. Thanks for the release(s) even if they are greesey with popcorn fragrance.

  7. exac August 23, 2011

    The torrent you are looking for does not appear to be in our database.

  8. Over8000 August 23, 2011

    I have the 720p version and I think there’s a line of dialogue missing from the subtitles from 05:22 till 05:26 the line in between “The rare Mermaituna, huh? and “before he says, “they’ll need a replacement Mermaituna, won’t they.”

  9. macxxx007 August 23, 2011

    Thanks so much! Glad you were able to find the help you needed… HAVE GOOD WEEK!

  10. Watem August 23, 2011

    Thank you for subs!)

  11. toriko fan August 23, 2011

    could you please stop posting spoiler pics?


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