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It sure is cold outside…


Well, I just said how everything was going in the last post. Check out Bakuman Season 2 if you haven’t seen that already.


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  1. Anonymous October 11, 2011

    Are you guys going to release Toriko 27 today? I’m not rushing you or something, i’m just asking because Toriko day is a special day and i need to prepare myself for it 😛

  2. Rawr October 11, 2011

    Any chance you still going to do the remaining gash bell stuff (ova’s and movie?)

  3. DestroyerRingFaggot October 8, 2011

    New Toriko movie is out.

  4. Grim October 7, 2011

    Thank you very much!

  5. Anonymous October 7, 2011

    I think they’ll make a new op relatively soon. The first (the one and only for now) opening shows the events up to the century soup saga (one can see Toriko and Komatsu wearing those ice-proof costumes and there was even a blue dragon if i’m not mistaken). So i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new opening soon.

    If you don’t want to get spoiled don’t EVER watch openings/endings, cause they show characters that appear way later in the show (the Toriko OP has Sani, Coco, Starjyun, Grinparch and Tommyrod damn it!!!).

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think that Tommyrod might have some ability to suck the energy or possibly even the blood of living creatures. Because the dragon and the people around the dragon were all frozen, and we’re talking about a snow dragon! That shit can’t freeze just like that. And i think those guys that were frozen as well wore the iceproof armour, no one would venture on icehell without some kind of protection.

    Talking about errors – the guy who hired the hunters in order to bring him the CS was in one scene drawn all grey-ish from his lips downwards. There should have been some colour skin before the grey colouring. And i think he might be a possible obstacle for Toriko later on.

    That mysterious masked guy… Is it possible that he’s the only missing Captain that we haven’t seen – Elg? Cause that rich guy said “Are you with the bishokukai” or something like that.

    It’s kind of stupid because Toriko has used the kugi punch TWICE already… Maybe it’s his strongest weapon so far, but i don’t think he’ll be able to pull it again versus the Bishokukai.

    Also in the manga he didn’t kugi-punch that giant snake.

    It was fun when Barrygamon broke the ice shell. Damn, i didn’t notice that he was lying on the ground (yeah, Toriko thought there was something weird).

    For me it’s kind of weird that the author decided to show 8 out of the 10 captains (including in that number the vice chefs and even Kuromado). Only missing at that point were Elg and Tommyrod). I mean there’s no suspense. He might have showed their sillhouettes and made them more mysterious…

  6. Kurisu October 7, 2011

    God the new ED sure feels like the new OP/EDs in Beelzebub… Not that I dislike it, I just hope they’ll take their time and think twice before putting up a new OP…

    Anyway, thanks for another release of Toriko!!

  7. Andrew October 7, 2011

    Are you guys ever gonna put this episode up on your tracker? Nyaa is blocked on my dorm’s internet.

  8. Monad October 5, 2011

    Thanks so much for the episodes guys.
    Btw, not to sound ungrateful or anything but why is this episode so much bigger than last time?

  9. KillerBee October 3, 2011

    Thank You!!!!

  10. macxxx007 October 3, 2011

    YAY! Thanks for the episode! Have a good day!

  11. Kyuzo October 3, 2011

    Itadakimasu !! thx!

  12. ElderKain October 3, 2011

    lol, Thanks for the Ep ^.^

    I noticed a glitch in the art.
    In that scene, the guy with the scars on his face don’t have any, lol.

    • Kittie October 3, 2011

      Toei has been.. messing up a lot. Trust me. That’s not the only incosistent scene.


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