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  1. Kostas October 27, 2012

    has a few errors.will we be seeing a v2? 😀

  2. milek October 23, 2012

    what the ???????????????

    700mb for 720p.

  3. Watcherzero October 23, 2012

    File size continuing to creep up, 700 megs! just four episodes ago you were encoding at the same quality at just 350 megs!

    • prefix- October 23, 2012

      The filesize depends on the amount of movement in the video i believe, for this one there was a lot.

  4. Lover of Gaykuto October 23, 2012

    Says the following with warden Love’s voice:

    “Love you!”

    Anally yours,

    Lover of Gaykuto (who likes to get wataaaaaaaaaa-ed in the ass)

  5. Neros October 22, 2012

    Thank you once again. Not sure if its worth a V2 of; but 13:08 “I don’t smell the scent of any BESTS” It should be beasts. Thank you and keep up the amazing work.

  6. Animelover October 22, 2012

    Thanks, I love it when it come out early.

  7. Big_Boss_90 October 22, 2012

    Thank you!


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