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Hey, I realized I’d never made batch torrents for the last third of Toriko. So we got that setup.
Here’re the links for the whole series now:

[A-Destiny] Toriko – 001-050 (848×480 H264 AAC)
[A-Destiny] Toriko – 001-050 (1280×720 h264 AAC)
[A-Destiny] Toriko – 001-050 (1280×720 Hi10p AAC)

[A-Destiny] Toriko – 051-100 (848×480 H264 AAC)
[A-Destiny] Toriko – 051-100 (1280×720 h264 AAC)
[A-Destiny] Toriko – 051-100 (1280×720 Hi10p AAC)

[A-Destiny] Toriko – 101-147 (848×480 H264 AAC)
[A-Destiny] Toriko – 101-147 (1280×720 Hi10p AAC)

Also, someone made this at some point. It might have more seeds than the earlier torrents. I might try to setup prefix’s seedbox to seed the earlier torrents for a while.

[A-Destiny] Toriko – 001-140 (1280×720 H264 AAC)

Also, this was something we’d finished a while ago (After a huge number of problems delaying it), Konjiki no Gash Bell!! OVA 2. We weren’t gonna release it until we finished Movie 2 but that still needs a lot of work and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be happening soon. So I’m just gonna post it now and maybe we’ll get to Movie 2 at some point.

[A-Destiny] Konjiki no Gash Bell!! OVA 2 [0627C1EC].mp4

Otherwise, nothing’s changed really. I’m focusing on scanlating and getting some back projects in that area done. If either Kingdom or Toriko continue at some point I’d like to work on those if we can at the time. If you wanna check out the stuff I’m working on, the site I lead is here:
and I work on a bunch of other groups and I generally post my translations and list which group it’s for here:

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  1. CaPing December 26, 2021

    i was downloading batch from 1 again, because my hardrive was corrupted.. but when i was start just for a while, the seed was off.. could you help seeding again ? i really love this anime..

    PS : Sorry if i post at wrong section before ( Toriko Movies )

  2. Harshdeep February 27, 2021

    Thanks or the sub on Konjiki no Gash Bell i really liked it

    • Kewl0210 March 17, 2021

      You’re welcome! I was trying to see if we could setup doing Blu-Ray versions of it at some point but it’s… hit snags.

  3. Jota July 14, 2017

    Ok, I managed to get the torrents, but there’s no seeds nor peers… C’mon guys, let’s do this!!

  4. Jota July 14, 2017

    How do I download it now that is down?

  5. Reddpe April 19, 2017


  6. Mr Pancake July 7, 2015

    Seed 51-100 please, you are my only hope right now Q_Q

  7. ryan March 16, 2015

    hi i love dubbed anime. and toriko is an awsome anime that caught my attention, i cant get enough of it, but i just cant enjoy it subbbed. i hope some day there is more dubbed episodes. it is a vary different anime i have never seen another dubbed anime like it!

  8. salam December 14, 2014

    when will you continue the the series ?

  9. Slator November 16, 2014


    Can I please use your videos for translating Toriko to my language (Czech)? I want to bring it to my country, to show them, how amazing is anime Toriko, but I can’t find any raws. Mainly for Movie 2011. Of course I will give a credit in the video.

    Thank you for your future answer!

  10. Tsukumo October 23, 2014

    The direct download links are dead, please reupload them?

  11. Dedoyp October 5, 2014

    Is A-D want to translate Donten ni Warau?

  12. Name September 20, 2014

    I just want kingdom back
    and hopefully you guys would be there to do it
    It’s pretty much an Anime-destiny themed show now.
    Minus chinese names, of course. #_#

    • Kewl0210 September 20, 2014

      Dude, using Japanese pronunciations for Chinese historical figures is totally inappropriate for a translation. Read literally any other form of Japanese media which takes place in ancient China and they’ll do the same thing.

      • Name September 21, 2014

        Well, I had an idea it was something like that.
        still, for us first-time viewers it only add more confusion, also considering how you’d normally forget half of the names once you finish the show.
        Maybe you guys could consider a v2 script with Japanese naming in future?
        I think it’d make Kingdom much easier to follow, and appeal to more fan base with no background of these works.

        This is just a suggestion, thank you kewel.

        • Kewl0210 September 21, 2014

          I can understand why you might feel that way, but it’s not something we’re gonna do. It goes against what I feel is appropriate as a translation. I don’t see doing things like that as any different from not translating random words that can be easily translated to appeal to fans. It’d be like writing “Vincent van Gogh” as “Finsento fan Gohho” because that’s how it’s pronounced in Japanese. And obviously, the names of places and other proper nouns are all written with the Chinese pronunciation. Doing something like that would be silly, pointless, and incorrect.

  13. Annoying wiseass MF September 20, 2014

    So going off topic; I noticed has incorrect pack listing for the A-Destiny|Komatsu bot. For example #433, is suppose to be Toriko_-_128_(1280x720_Hi10p_AAC)_[31871E6B] but instead it is Toriko_-_128_(848x480_h264_AAC)_[1DEAAA6F].

    • Kewl0210 September 20, 2014

      I think it just took a while to update. It should be correct now.

  14. Doomroar September 20, 2014

    Thanks for the Gash Bell torrent! man i do wish for Kingdom to start again, and Toriko too, the Gourmet World Arc is quite awesome.


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