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Hey, we’re not dropping Toriko.

Or at least, I’ve got no plans to. But as you can see, I’m just in the middle of trying to update our website and basically because I was never able to find someone experienced to do it I’ve been trying to do it myself. I haven’t settled on a theme yet but I’ve been trying to at least get the basic stuff on here.

The only thing is we don’t have enough people on staff to do the project by ourselves. Really, we wouldn’t have started a joint in the first place if we did. And SGKK didn’t discuss with us about them dropping it at all. In fact they haven’t discussed jack shit with us, essentially they just told us “do your jobs then shut up” for the past 7 weeks or so whenever I asked them anything. Usually just ignoring me completely and not letting us into any of the processes besides translating and distro.

We have staff for most of the jobs but it’s just a lot of them aren’t active enough to do this every week, and I’m gonna need new people in order to continue the series.

Here are the job positions we need to fill as of now (I’ll update this as things develop):

Timer – Needs experience timing, including fine timing, and needs to be available on Sundays/Mondays to time this show on a weekly basis.

Editor – Needs experience editing anime (as in proofreading, improving grammar and vernacular language). Also needs to be available on Sunday/Monday to do this show efficiently and on a weekly basis.

Typesetter – Needs experience typsetting signs. Toriko doesn’t have many besides the beast descriptions, but we need someone dedicated to this job on Sunday/Monday, too. We also need someone to do the typsetting for the attack effects, for which we should be able to reuse the ones we’ve used so far for.

Karaoke Typesetter – Available to design and time new OP/EDs. Also needed to design attack effects.

I may be able to ask people in other groups I work with to join us and do some of these jobs. And I’m pretty confident we can handle the other jobs, also some of the less active members of the staff can probably help with these on occasion, too. But for now I’ll just leave this here. If you’re dedicated and want to join then either email me at or send me a PM in our IRC channel,
I use the same username there, “animedes”.

Also I need to find somebody to help me make this site better. For now I’m just going to work on modifying this WordPress site until it’s got everything the previous site had. I’m fine with someone designing a whole new site, too. It’s the same contact information for if you want to help with that.

Thanks for your dedication guys, and I really hope some people will be willing to help us out with this.
And obviously, the next episode is gonna be delayed until there’s a person to do every job.

Edit: Ok, I think we got all the jobs filled besides someone to redesign the website (I’d still really appreciate anyone willing and able to do that). Thanks to everyone who tried out.
Please be patient guys as we try to get used to our new setup. Like I said, SGKK didn’t tell me shit so apparently they’ve been doing nothing for 2 days since I translated episode 11. So now we’re starting it with a new staff for most jobs and have to get used to everything, so it could take longer than usual.

Edit 2: Ok, so we have a webmaster now. Thanks to everybody who volunteered.
We’re trying to work out a few things with Toriko 11 because we’re doing it solo now, and things are pretty crazy this week because of all that’s been going on and we’re not in sync with when each job gets done yet, so it’ll take some time to get done. I’ll try to make sure it gets done before the next episode airs.

Edit 3: Sorry for the downtime guys. I fixed it.
All we’ve got left is redesigning the attack effects, followed by final checks, for Toriko 11. Hopefully it won’t take long.

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  1. Watch Toriko July 17, 2011

    Hell yeah! Toriko is the best

  2. Ant July 17, 2011

    You are lucky to have SGKK put up with you for as long as they did, and oh god your translating sucks xD

  3. Predelnik June 20, 2011

    Maybe it’s not so polite to ask now, considering your problems, but when toriko 11 will be released?

  4. twerp June 18, 2011

    @derp: how about you fucking update your browser, you dipshit.

  5. Derp June 17, 2011

    Also, fix your fucking Java plug-ins, they’re out of date and fucking up my web browser.

  6. Derp June 17, 2011

    Way to fuck up the home page dipshit.

  7. Predelnik June 17, 2011

    You are great. I’m waiting for the next realese patiently :).

  8. Fibrizzo June 16, 2011

    Thanks for your hard work! Great subtiles for toriko. I Really enjoy this series.

  9. Stephen June 15, 2011

    You guys rock. Class act for continuing to sub after having SGKK drop out. Keep it up, we’re all routing for you.

  10. Bigdubs June 15, 2011

    THX Guys!!! Looking forward to the new releases. Was getting worried for a bit. Hulu streams sucks ass!!

  11. Lorgan June 15, 2011

    SGKK sucks monkey balls. Glad you guys are still there to count on.

  12. jkun June 15, 2011

    Good luck!

    btw if you’re looking for a better design grab one from here:

  13. loliwhacker June 15, 2011

    Good to see that someone will still be subbing this show. I enjoy it a lot and I appreciate the effort you guys are putting into this. Thanks :3

  14. Leskyel June 14, 2011

    Good luck guys. I really hope you guys continue subbing, I’m unable to watch Funimation’s stream and there are no rips as far as I know, so I’d been watching yours/SGKK’s releases the entire time.

  15. mute June 14, 2011

    Glad to see it’s going to continue, i saw the drop coming with the recent delay.

  16. anon June 14, 2011

    i thought they really drop the anime, thank god you are continuing this anime you have my support and why do “they” say this anime gay for me this anime totally rockss!!!!

  17. Il Sindaco June 14, 2011

    Thank you so much for continuing Toriko. We are Italian fansubbers group and, in my country, many people follow your Toriko. Itadakimasu!

  18. Predelnik June 14, 2011

    Yeah, i want to say thanks too.
    For now i don’t have much free time and experience to do some fansubbing job, but i hope you will find enough people, willing to do it.

  19. Treasach June 14, 2011

    Thank you so much for continuing Toriko. 🙂 I’m really enjoying this series and was worried when SGKK dropped it. I know I can watch it on Hulu but my internet is real crap so streaming doesn’t always work for me.


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