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Daily Archives: March 2, 2014

Kingdom S2 39 – END

Kingdom S2 39 480p

Kingdom S2 39 720p Hi10p

Here’s the last episode of Season 2. Season 3 seems likely, but still no announcement.

Season 2 Batch

Kingdom S2 01-39 480p

Kingdom S2 01-39 720p Hi10p

There are no changes in the batch from the weekly releases. Thanks for everyone who worked on it.

Translator: – Kewl0210
Timers: Dao, Drax, Kewl0210
Editing: rathy, Crotoss, Mistral[sA]
Typesetting: Crotoss, kewl0210, Drax
Quality Control: rathy, Crotoss, Mistral[sA], prefix-
Encoding: max80, Crotoss
Distro: prefix-

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