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Daily Archives: July 3, 2011

Toriko 13 Release

Battle lies ahead…
Giant GT Robo


Sorry there was some delay with this. First our capper was away last week so it took a couple days to get a raw, then our normal typsetter was away and our backup typsetter was pretty busy. So we needed to wait a few extra days for the typsetting to get done. But we got our new editor (Hugh_Jasss, whom we thank for volunteering and doing a great job) and made sure everything was checked more thoroughly this week, and overall things are working out better despite having to cobble together most of the staff on really short notice.
Episode 14 is already translated, and hopefully we’ll get that done earlier in the week this week. It looks like right now it will depend on how fast our typsetters will be able to finish, because typsetting those maps frame by frame is a long and tedious process and can’t be done any automated way. If anyone with experience typsetting who is able to manipulate that kind of thing as well as attack effects, feel free to shoot me an email at if you want to help out. Or PM me on the IRC channel.
Anyhow, enjoy everybody.

Our two trackers have the same torrent, so you can get it from either one. You can also get it from any of our bots on the IRC channel or from the direct downloads site.

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