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Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

Toriko 15 Release

Want some?
Sedoru Eyeballs


Here ya go. This got a little delayed for various reasons relating to people’s schedules and getting the raw late. Next week should be faster.
We got a new typsetter who will hopefully work out. However now our karaoke typsetter/attack effect designer is too busy to work so we need someone to fill in for at least the next month or so. Send me an email if you have enough knowledge of making karaoke templates and such to make something at the level of Sani’s attack effect, or close to it. If needed we’re just going to try to borrow someone from another group. It’s possible the only thing we’ll need someone to do is make an effect for Staajyun, and maybe one other character depending on where the story goes next and how fast it progresses.
Enjoy, everyone.

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