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Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

Kingdom 38 – End of Season 1

Kingdom 480p:

Kingdom 720p hi10p:

And now we’re all done. Here is the last episode of Season 1 of Kingdom, episode 38.
Season 1 ends at the end of volume 16. Then there are some filler scenes where Xin talks to Zheng and Diao.
Season 2 starts in June. So we’re planning on doing that. We’re gonna make a few corrections to earlier episodes and make a batch torrent for all of season 1 (Fixing a few minor inconsistencies, mostly).
In the meantime until the 2nd season comes out, I’m gonna translate the entire manga and scanlate it with Vendetta Scans. So go check them out if you wanna see that.

Okay, here are those batch torrents. There are a few changes for consistency and such on a handful of episodes. All of it’s really minor though. All “diva” was fixed to “deva”, things like that. Also stuff like those episodes where the ED wasn’t styled and such were fixed.:
Kingdom 480p:

Kingdom 720p hi10p:

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